10 Healthy Gifts for Men, Women and Kids (Under $100)

Healthy Gift Ideas

healthy gift ideas
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Make your holiday shopping a little bit easier with this list of healthy gift ideas for men, women and kids.  You'll find fitness tools, activity trackers, workout apparel and other fun gadgets to put a smile on everyone's face.

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Yoga-Friendly Gym Bag


If your loved one is a smart exerciser, he or she does a variety of workouts to burn calories, build strength and keep her body in good shape. This yoga-friendly gym bag makes it easy to organize and pack for any workout or activity. 

This gift is great for people who enjoy a variety of workouts, yogis, runners, gym-goers and active exercisers

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Price: $59.99

Where to buy: Fitmark.com

Goji Play Healthy Interactive Games

Blue Goji

If the person on your gift list gets bored when they exercise, they will jump for joy if you buy them Goji Play.  This gaming device turns your workout into an interactive game experience. Choose from racing games, trivia games and even a basic reader to make every exercise session more fun.

This gift is great for anyone who gets bored on exercise machines, competitive types, teens and families.

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Price: $99.99

Where to buy: BlueGoji.com

Stylish Shine Activity Monitor

Misfit Wearables

Activity monitors have come a long way since the days of wrist-worn plastic devices.  The Shine activity monitor by Misfit Wearables is a perfect example.  The device comes in a variety of colors and can be worn as a necklace (shown above), as a watch (see the next slide) or it can be attached to clothing to monitor calories burned, sleep activity and other health statistics.

This gift is great for anyone who wants to improve their health by tracking health activity throughout the day.

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Price: $99.99 (for the Shine) $79.99 (for the Bloom necklace)

Where to buy: Misfit Online Store

Misfit Wearables Accessories

Misfit Wearables

Once you own a Shine fitness and activity tracker, there are countless ways to wear the device.  Both men and women will find several stylish options. The Pebbled Leather Watch is one choice, but there are also other styles of watches, a sporty necklace, socks and technical tees that accommodate the tracker.

This gift is great for men and women who want a stylish tracker and several options for wearing it.

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Price: $49.99 (for the Pebbled Leather Band) $19.99 and up for other options

Where to buy: Misfit Online Store

Stylish Active Day Wear


Stylish, active women appreciate having clothes that move with them throughout the day - even when they aren't working out at the gym.  But it can be hard to find sophisticated clothing that supports a calorie-blasting active lifestyle. This great ankle pant by Crane and Lion does the trick.  The stylish new fitness and fashion company also makes beautifully crafted tees, tanks, dresses and even a cozy wrap sweater. 

This gift is great for women who want to look great and stay active both in the gym and out on the town.

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Price: $100

Where to buy: CraneandLion.com

Walking Shoes for Men (and women!)


Good looking walking shoes are hard to find.  Good looking walking shoes for men are nearly impossible to find. But the Vionic Men's Contest walking shoe looks great and is the perfect complement to any guy's walking program. This is definitely not your grandad's walking shoe.  The Contest (or the Venture for women) comes with Vionic's Orthaheel Technology to keep your feet feeling good no matter how many miles you walk.

This gift is great for men who walk for fitness or guys who stand on their feet more often.  Women will also find shoes to fit their needs.

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Price: $99.95

Where to buy: VionicShoes.com

Comfy, Supportive Sports Bra


All women who exercise need comfortable support. But women who are larger on top need it the most. The Ultimate Endurance Bra from 2XU provides the perfect solution. The bra features support that is tailored to manage movement in all directions, an anti-bounce top panel for added security, slip-free straps for firm fit and seam-free inner cups to keep the wearer comfortable and confident while working out.

This gift is great for any women who exercises, but especially women who need extra bust support.

Price: $79.99

Where to buy: 2XU.com

Workout Wear for Larger Sizes


If your loved one is starting a new exercise routine or if she needs to re-energize her current program, consider buying her some new workout wear.  There are a few brands that are especially suited for larger sizes. This colorful Inspire Shirred Panel tank by Ryka comes in size XS to 3XL. Pair it with a pair of comfy workout capris to complete the outfit. 

This gift is great for women who work out at the gym or at home and love to be comfy and well dressed when they exercise.

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Price: $51.99 (for the tank)

Where to buy: Ryka.com

Yonanas Dessert Maker

Try different fruits with Yonanas. Yonanas

Everyone loves dessert. But not everyone loves (or needs) the extra calories that come with traditional desserts. Yonanas healthy dessert maker helps you create guilt-free treats from fruit with no fat and fewer calories.  The device is easy to use and fun for families .

This gift is great for anyone with a sweet tooth, families with kids, and healthy dieters who want to eat more fruit and try new recipes.

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Price: $49.99 (and up)

Where to buy: Yonanas.com

Lumo Lift Posture Coach, Activity Tracker


If the man or woman on your gift lift would love a boost of confidence throughout the day (and who wouldn't?) consider giving this unique activity tracker by Lumo.  Lumo Lift tracks your daily movement but also coaches you to stand up straight and project yourself with confidence whenever you need it. The small sensor is easy for anyone to wear and you can monitor your progress on your smartphone.

This gift is great for someone starting a new job or school program, dieters who want to feel better about their body, people who sit at a desk all day.

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Price: $99.99

Where to buy: LumoBodyTech.com

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