Bug Bite Battles

First Aid Tips for Those Creepy-Crawly Critters

bees on a flower
Pretty. Yeah, pretty deadly.. Harold Lloyd/Getty Images

I grew up on a dairy farm. We had cows. We had horses. We had pigs.

And, we had a lot of bugs.

Mosquitoes, flies, and black widow spiders were the most common. It was a constant fight. I had cousins that were bitten by black widows and the war against the mosquitoes was an epic contest waged every year from March to October.

We occasionally won the battle, but alas, we never won the war.

Since critters that crawl, buzz, and fly are bound to be with us forever, here are some specific tips to deal with the inevitable battle scars.

  • How to Treat Bee Stings

    Bees are the worst. They attack from the air in well-organized squadrons. They have a command structure, but just like in chess, take out the queen and you may just win.
  • How to Treat Bug Bites

    All the non-bees have pretty much the same weapons. The critters look different, but the wounds almost always look exactly alike. Most of the treatment is supportive: just relieve the pain and wait for the bite to heal.
  • How to Remove a Tick

    These puppies are attacking our, well, puppies - and sometimes our kids. Ticks are nasty, ugly little things that bury their heads at the first sign of trouble. Unfortunately, they bury them in us.
  • Spider Bite Symptoms

    Spiders are probably the ugliest of all the creepy-crawlies. They have those long, hairy legs and sharp jaws. You could say their almost designed to be ugly. Believe it or not, they aren't as bad as they've been made out to be. Best of all, they eat other bugs!
  • How to Treat Scorpion Stings

    OK, I lied. Scorpions are definitely the ugliest bugs on the planet. We didn't have a lot of scorpions where I grew up, but I remember my dad bringing a family of scorpions home from Mexico in his luggage. Luckily, they were all dead.

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