Building Confidence in Teens

How to Raise a Self-Confident Teen

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Confidence is one's belief in their own ability's. Confident people rationally believe they are capable of doing things well and therefore aren't afraid to do those things or even try new things. Teens who are confident grow up to have a good sense of self and become happy adults. Parents can help teen build their confidence throughout their adolescence by following these tips:

Be trustworthy. Be there when your teen needs you. Provide a safe home environment and firm but fair discipline. This is a foundation that your teen's confidence can stand on.

Give your teen choices. One of the things that confidence helps teens do is making a decision. You can help teens make decision by offering them choices as often as possible. Learn more about decision-making and teens.

Encourage your teen to try new things. Be available to take them where they need to go and do so without complaining.

Become your teen's biggest fan, whether it is in sports, your teen's other interests or in school.

Try not to negatively criticise when talking to your teen, even sarcastically. It hurts more than helps and can place wedge between you and your teen, depleting their confidence. Instead of criticism, you should be teaching discipline - here's how to tell the difference.

Allow your teen to fail, do not fix their problems for them. If they need you to help talk the problem through, ask open ended questions so that they come to their own conclusions.

Role play different scenarios if it helps your teen find their answer - but allow them to find the answer that is right for them.

Model a positive attitude by handling everyday decisions with confidence.

Praise your teen when praise is due. We know that too much praise is not good either, but due praise is necessary for your teen's self-confidence.

Spend time with your teen enjoying something they like to do. This is always a good time to sit back and marvel at what a wonderful person they are becoming.

Quick Links: Quiz: How confident is your teen? | How a Confident Teen Acts

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