Burn 100 Calories in 10 minutes

Got 10 minutes? Here's how to burn a few calories and boost your energy

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Calorie burning, while not the most important reason to exercise, is still one of the main motivators for many people to get moving. If you have a few minutes to spare, you can blast through a 100  calories, boost your energy, rev up your metabolism and build your fitness. 

It may seem that in order to get any real benefits from exercise, you need to move for at least 30 to 60 minutes. And while sixty minutes of sustained activity, such as walking, cycling or swimming is recommended to help build fitness and conditioning, there are some real benefits of getting a burst of as little as ten minutes of activity.

A ten-minute workout can be enough to burn calories, rev up the metabolism, improve circulation, release the feel good hormones, build muscle and curb the appetite. Short, intense bouts of exercise can even help increase endurance.

Burn 100 Calories in 10 minutes

Just about any activity you can do at a fairly high intensity can help you burn calories, but here are a few easy ways to burn calories fast. A 150 pound person can burn approximately 100 calories in ten minutes with the following activities:

Jumping Rope. Grab the rope and get hopping.  Jumping rope is one of the simplest ways to increase your calorie burn and build your cardiovascular system when you have very little time, not much space and a tight fitness budget. A jump rope costs approximately $10 and is so small and portable that you can take it with you anywhere. Ten minutes of jumping will get your heart pumping.

Stair Climbing.

Take the stairs and watch the calories melt away. Ideally you’ll want to find a long set of stairs so you can walk (or jog) up them for about a minute or more at a time, but if you only have a short stairway, you can make several round trips to get a total of 10 minutes of climbing. Add a weight vest if you really want to increase your calorie burn.

Running. Run a mile, burn 100 calories. What could be easier? Keep the pace high (this is a run, not a jog), so you will also need to factor in a few minutes for a proper warm up before you hit the road.

Kickboxing. Take out your aggression and unload some calories with this ultimate full body workout. You’ll need a bag and a bit of instruction to make this workout safe and effective, but this workout makes for a great calorie-burner.

Burpees. Everyone’s favorite old-school callisthenic exercise zaps loads of calories—if you can keep it up. Burpees are tough. So tough, that it may be hard to continue for a full ten minutes. But you can always try.

Elliptical Machine. Using both the arms and legs on the elliptical machine is one of the reasons that it’s a great calorie burner. The key is to push and pull with the arms throughout the movement.

Cross Country Skiing. Ok, no one is likely to get the gear, and head for the snow only to do 10 minutes of cross country skiing, but this exercise is the king of calorie burning.

But for those who regularly take to the snow, improved fitness is a sure thing, and loads of calories will no doubt, be burned.

Snow Shoveling. It may sound like strange way to get fit, but shoveling snow (or dirt for that matter) burns lots and lots of calories, and works both the upper and lower body. So if you live in a snow-filled climate, get rid of your snow-blower and pick up the shovel to zap some calories and switch up your winter workout.

Weight Lifting. Grab the dumbbells, kettlebells or barbell and get to work. Ten minutes of heavy weight lifting can blast the calories perhaps better than any other activity. Use large muscles and compound movements to burn more calories per minute.

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