Get Rid of Butt Acne by Using These Treatments

How To Get Rid of Butt Acne

Butt acne happens.  I get it.  You get it.  There's no use pretending it doesn't exist. 

Yeah, it's kind of embarrassing.  But the human body does weird things.  (And if you're interested in knowing why booty blemishes happen, I break it all down for you here: What Causes Pimples on the Butt?)

The good news here is butt acne can be treated.  So, here are 5 things you can do to get rid of butt acne.  Revel in your gloriously smooth bum!

Loosen up and breathe.

Woman in workout pants
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Slim-fitting pants look super chic, guys and gals, but they can also make butt acne worse.

Ladies, ditch the jeggings and spandex. Save the yoga pants for yoga.

Guys, those slim-fit jeans look awesome and your running shorts are cool.  But while trying to get butt breakouts under control, they aren't the best wardrobe choice.

The friction caused by tight clothing can trigger butt acne.  Wear loose-fitting clothes whenever you can.

While we're on the subject of clothing, stay away from materials that trap heat and moisture against the skin.  Forget polyester, nylon, or silk undergarments.  Go with breathable cotton instead.

I know, cotton panties and underwear are so not cute.  But neither is butt acne.  You can return to your good-looking undergarments once breakouts are under control.

Shower immediately after working out.

Sweat that's trapped against your skin, and then dries can be super irritating to your hair follicles, triggering a booty breakout.

Try work your schedule so that you can get in a shower right after your workout.  Don't stop by the grocery store or hit the library until you've lathered up and changed clothes.

Grab on OTC body wash with benzoyl peroxide.

Although "butt acne" isn't acne vulgaris, many of the treatments that work on facial acne also work on butt breakouts.

If your butt acne is mild, a benzoyl peroxide wash makes a great treatment.  Benzoyl peroxide helps clear out the pores and reduces those blemishes.

You can buy benzoyl peroxide washes over the counter at any drugstore.  Can't find a body wash that contains benzoyl peroxide?  It's OK to use a product meant for the face on your bottom.

One thing to know about BPO -- it bleaches out fabrics.  So, unless you want tie-dyed towels, it's best to use white towels while using this treatment.

Don't scrub your bum.

Butt acne can't be scrubbed away- ditch the loofahs, stiff-bristled body brushes, and other super abrasive products. Scrubbing can irritate your already inflamed follicles, making butt acne worse.

That's not to say that exfoliation is a no-no.  Just do it gently.

Gentle exfoliation can keep the pores clear and make the skin on your bottom super soft and smooth.  Some dermatologists suggest salicylic acid pads (again, meant for your face) or lotions containing lactic acid, to gently exfoliate the skin.

Have your dermatologist take a look at your derriere.

Seriously, your dermatologist won't gasp in horror.  They've all seen butt acne many times before.

Mild breakouts, and even the occasional inflamed pimples, you can most likely take care of yourself with over-the-counter treatments. 

But if your butt acne is very inflamed, the bumps are large, pus-filled, or tender, you should have your physician take a look.  The hair follicles may be infected, in which case you'll need a stronger treatment.

So, don't be embarrassed.  Go ahead and give your physician a call.  Your dermatologist is there to help.


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