6 C Words Which Enhance Life With Low Vision

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Have you heard of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who believed that as people, we operate from two basic emotions? She wrote that everything we experience stems from either love or fear.

I believe this to be true too. One of the major challenges when dealing with the prospect of losing your eyesight is retaining a good balance of emotions.

It is so easy to swing between the positive feelings love creates, like being happy, confident, accepting, peaceful, playful and then suddenly swing into the negative emotions fear creates from deep frustration, anger, denial, grief and others we could add to this list.

You will be fully aware of when you are experiencing those side shoots of love because your world expands and opens up in positive ways.

Equally, when you feel like retreating or disappearing from the challenges low vision brings, everything feels so much harder and you want to shut out the stress and the upset.

All these emotions are natural, but here is a little trick to move you away from feeling fear: catch the negative emotion, sit with it and see it for what it is: your Fears.

Then, once you are aware of how it makes you feel, you have a choice. To remain stuck or move away from fear and accept that you are human, mistakes happen, life happens and each day that is granted to you is a new opportunity to try again, perhaps differently.

Minding Your Language Can Help

Yes indeed, words are powerful; they have the ability to shape your thoughts.

Think of them as little seeds that can take root in either the positive fertile ground of your creative ideas, or pop up like killer weeds, ready to choke the goodness from all the positive thoughts you want to create.

Affirmations, meaningful quotations, and positive pep-talks are as essential to your mental well-being as nutritional food is for your body.

So let’s take a closer look at 6 power-filled words that will enhance your life every time you choose to see these C-words in your life.

6 C-Words Powerful Enough to Combat Fear

1.       CAN

The word CAN is one of the most empowering 3 letter words in the English language.

Sounds too simple?

What do children say time and time again when they want to do something adults consider impossible? Their positive mantra is, I can do it!

The nugget of ‘truth’ we too can find within their youthful wisdom is that whether you accomplish the task or not, you believe in your capability and therefore, put yourself in the best position to stand a good chance in succeeding.

No matter what others think, the moment you tell yourself you can give something your best shot, you most probably will!

2.       CREATE

To know you can create a desirable outcome is to invent a new possibility in whatever area of your life you want to change.

Being creative is empowering as you allow exciting ideas to take hold in your imagination, giving you the  energy required to CREATE options that can multiply.

3.       CHOICE

At the centre of all decisions you make throughout the journey with low vision, CHOICE is knowing you can move forward or stay still.

 It is having the power to choose options like doing a new course of study or changing your job or taking time off to heal and recuperate from stress. The choice is always yours.

4.       COURAGE

Interestingly, people think having courage means to have an absence of fear or doubt.

 But not being fully sighted, self-doubt can linger in the background of everything you do, being a constant reminder of how much fear can be a barrier to enjoying life.

What is required in order to muster COURAGE is to be bold and take action. When you allow your courage to silence fear and ‘do it anyway’, the more courageous you become.


Losing vision is one major factor that seriously affects your strong belief in self.

A good sense of CONFIDENCE can be rebuilt, however, as you take small steps to adjust and learn new skills in coping with vision loss.

As you develop other ways to reach your goals to maintain a meaningful life, self-confidence returns each time you attempt a task with self-assurance.


Being able to collaborate is one key to making things happen.

Knowing when to partner with another who can work in cooperation with your requirements will set you both up for mutual success.

Using your natural strengths and talents, of which you have many, your cooperative spirit will shine through and attract inspired contributions from others to help you to another level – where your mantra of “I can do this” is transformed to “Yes, I am doing this”.

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