Calorie Counts for Alcoholic Drinks

Make better booze choices to lose weight faster

alcoholic drinks for dieters
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Alcoholic drinks can significantly increase your caloric intake in just one shot or only a few sips. Cocktails and other boozy beverages are typically just as high in calories as high-calorie sodas. So if you avoid the sugary sodas to stick to your diet, why not make better choices when you drink?

How Alcohol Calories Affect Your Diet

It's not just the cocktail calories that add up when you drink. When we drink, we often eat more as well.

For this reason, many smart dieters cut back on booze or eliminate alcohol altogether until they hit their goal weight. In fact, several weight loss programs, like Nutrisystem, recommend that you don't drink at all while on their weight loss plans.

So before you check for the lowest calorie cocktails, first decide if drinking is right for you. 

Calories in Popular Alcoholic Drinks

If you decide to celebrate a special occasion or relax with a drink, make the best diet-friendly decision by checking the calorie count of your cocktail before you belly up to the bar.  The calorie counts listed are for a single serving of that beverage.  Keep in mind that when you order a drink in a restaurant, the drink that you are served is often larger than a single serving.

Drinks with 200 Calories or Less

  • Beer (12 oz.) A single serving of most beers is under 200 calories, but some beers are better than others. 
  • Rum (2 oz.) and Coke (5 oz.) Make this drink lower in calories by ordering a diet cola.
  • Tom Collins (1.5 oz. gin, mix, and 2 oz. club soda)
  • Hot Buttered Rum (6 oz.) The number of calories in your drink may vary depending on the recipe used to create your drink. This drink can contain near 250 calories
  • Margarita (3 oz.)  Low calorie or "skinny" margaritas often contain the lowest number of calories. 
  • Whiskey sour (2 oz. mix and 1.5 oz. whiskey) 

Drinks with 150 Calories or Less

  • Classic Martini (2 oz. gin and .5 oz. vermouth)  Calorie counts for flavored recipes may contain more calories. 
  • Bloody Mary (6 oz.) This classic cocktail is often served with a variety of garnishes that will add more calories.
  • Brandy (2 oz.) A single shot of brandy only contains 56 calories, so a double will barely top the 100-calorie mark.
  • Most light beers (12 oz.) There are many light beers on the market with less alcohol and fewer calories.
  • Daiquiri cocktail (2 oz.)  This cocktail can make or break your diet. A single serving is only 112 calories, but when is the last time you were served 2 ounces of daiquiri in a bar?

Drinks with 100 Calories or Less

To find the calorie count of many different foods and beverages, visit's Calorie Count, where you can also track your caloric intake, calculate your calorie needs, and talk with other people who want to lose weight, too.

*Edited by Malia Frey, Weight Loss Expert

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