Camelbak Groove Insulated Filter Water Bottle Review

Improve the Taste of Tap Water and Reduce Waist

Camelbak Groove
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Free is a very good price for water. You will save money if you can learn to enjoy free tap water rather than buying bottled water. The Camelbak Groove water bottles feature a carbon filter that is inline with the straw sipping tube. Just add water to the bottle, and then take a drink through the sipper tube. Your water is filtered as you drink it, removing most of the chlorine taste and other off-tastes.

The filter does not remove bacteria, cysts or viruses, so it can't be used to purify stream water. It should only be used on potable, safe water sources. You can't use the bottle with sports drink or flavored drinks, as the filter will filter out the flavorings and sugar, etc. You can only use it with water.

The bottle comes with a replacement filter. Each filter should last for 48 gallons of water, or about three months.

Many people who avoid tap water just because of the chlorine taste or the particular odor or taste of their tap water. Rather than drink extra calories, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, etc. it is a good move to find a way to make tap water palatable. When out walking, it saves money and trash/recycling to be able to fill up at water fountains and taps along the way.

Camelbak Groove Insulated Bottle

The insulated version of the Groove has double-wall construction. This does two things.

First, it helps keep the water inside colder for longer. Second, it reduces condensation on the outside of the bottle. You can add very cold water to it, or water with ice, and not worry about the outside of the bottle becoming dripping wet from condensation.

The wide mouth of the bottle makes it easy to add ice.

Cold water is usually more refreshing. It may be easier to wean yourself away from flavored drinks if you drink cold water rather than lukewarm water.

Drinking and Carrying

The Groove features Camelbak's Big Bite valve at the top. The valve is articulated, so you can swing it upright for drinking and tamp it down to close off the straw securely. A nice advantage of the valve and straw is that you don't have to tip the bottle up to drink, so your vision won't be blocked when you are drinking. This makes it a little safer to use while walking or driving.

The top of the Groove has a big wing with a large thumb-hole for carrying on the crook of a finger or attaching to a pack with a carabiner. I don't recommend carrying water bottles in your hand while walking. That can cause strain from neck to elbow to wrist. But many of my best walking buddies do so anyway.

The Groove is bigger around than I like to carry easily in my delicate, lady-like hand. I am more likely to carry it in a pack or in a sleeve of a water-carrier fanny pack. It also makes a good bottle for keeping on your desk or work station at work or school. It fits into the cup holder in my car.

The Groove comes in a 20 fluid ounce version, which should be enough water for an hour-long fitness walk.

Drinking recommendations for distance walkers

Cleaning and Construction

The Groove Insulated is made from BPA-free Tritan copolyester. It is rigid, so you can't squeeze it to get a faster water flow.

The bottle has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to add ice cubes and to have good access for cleaning. The non-insulated version is dishwasher-safe, but only the cap assembly (other than the filter) is dishwasher-safe on the insulated version. For those who prefer to get away from plastic altogether, there is a stainless steel version.

Reduce Your Use of Disposable Water Bottles

If you can learn to enjoy tap water and not rely on disposable bottled water, it saves you money and it saves the energy spent in producing, disposing and/or recycling water bottles.

The Groove would pay for itself within a week or two vs. buying bottled water.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.