Can A Penis Get Smaller Permanently?

When You Need To Worry About Shrinkage

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Question: Can a penis get smaller permanently?

Answer: Yes. It's true. Your penis may get smaller as you grow older. The penis has, in fact, been known to shrink a little as time goes on as a result of decreased blood flow and testosterone. To get into specifics, sexuality professionals say that as a man approaches his 60s, he may actually lose from a centimeter up to a centimeter and a half in length.

Some men also gain weight in the belly area as they grow older and, as a result, their penis can appear smaller without it actually being smaller. This is because excess belly fat can flop down and extend out over the base of the penis, making it appear shorter.

Research has also shown that long periods of impotence can result in some loss of size to the genitals. This is something men are more likely to struggle with as they age, though there are many men who grapple with erectile dysfunction even at younger ages. 

Fortunately, most women don't care about size anyway and, in some cases, if the penis is especially large, it can cause discomfort in your sexual partner. So while the loss in length can be distressing, especially if you weren't expecting it, you should feel secure in the knowledge that there are so many ways to ensure a fulfilling sex life, and penis length doesn't even rank on that list.

In fact, there are a number of ways in which your sex life might change as you advance in age. As this happens, you should learn to renegotiate and redefine what sex and intimacy mean to you and your partner. What intimate activities do you both enjoy? What give the both of you pleasure? Which forms of touch feel especially good?

Might now be a good time to experiment with new things in the bedroom?

Just to recap:

Yes, your penis may be shrinking in size.

No, that length won't come back, unless the penis just looks smaller because you've gained some weight.

No, it doesn't matter either way. Trust us.

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