Can Blood Donation Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?

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Although blood donation is helpful for supplying blood for emergencies and medical procedures to individuals who need it, some studies have shown that donating your blood regularly has beneficial effects on your health. These health benefits include lowering your heart rate, your blood pressure, and weight. There has also been some debate as to whether or not donating your blood regularly can lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

It may seem to be an effective way to lower your lipid levels. After all, when you donate your blood, you are donating the lipids in your blood, too, right?

Studies Are Conflicting 

There are only a few studies examining the effect blood donation has on lipid levels - and the ones that exist are conflicting and are not current. One study examining the effects of blood donation found that donating blood every six weeks lowered the oxidation of LDL (oxidized LDL), which is associated with the development of atherosclerosis. Although some studies suggest that high iron levels may play a role in this oxidation - which also appears lowered during regular blood donation - the studies are inconclusive. 

Most of these studies did not note a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol or triglycerides, although one study saw a slight reduction in these blood lipids. A couple of studies have noted up to a 7% increase in “good” cholesterol levels, or HDL.

The reason for this slight increase is not known.

Despite only a very slight - if any - improvement in lipid levels, a couple of studies have shown that donating your blood at least once a year could decrease the likelihood of cardiovascular events, such as angina or a heart attack. However, more studies are needed to further investigate this.


Although donating your blood can be an altruistic gesture to help others who are in need of it, you should not solely rely on blood donation to lower your lipid levels or to prevent heart disease. If you are trying to find ways to lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, you should talk to your healthcare provider for more reliable methods to improve your lipid profile and heart health. 


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