Can Dogs Be Trained to Sense a Low Blood Sugar?

There are many people who are living proof that dogs can be trained to respond to a low blood sugar just as effectively as service dogs for the blind or the hearing impaired. Perhaps you are one of them.

Although I've known of diabetes assist dogs, my interest was piqued again when I recently came across an article that mentioned a man named Alan Peters who trains all types of assist dogs, including those for diabetes.

His business is called Can Do Canines and is located in New Hope, Minnesota. He is among a growing number of people across the country that are starting to understand how important these assist dogs can be for people with type 1 diabetes.

It works like this: the diabetes assist dogs are specifically trained to monitor a specific scent on the human breath that is related to a rapid drop in blood sugar levels. When the dog senses this odor they are trained to alert the person with diabetes by touching them, licking their face, or nudging a hand. This acts as the signal that their blood sugar may be low and should be checked. These dogs can also be trained to retrieve food or liquid, get an emergency phone, or seek help from another person in the house.

I'd love to hear about some real life experiences. If you have had experience with either a trained diabetes assist dog or even an untrained dog that has shown an ability to detect low blood sugar, share your story below.

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