Can I Get a Flu Shot If...?

We are all told to get flu shots each year. They are safe for nearly everyone but there are some instances where you should avoid them or at least wait until a later date. Find out if you fall into one of those categories and what you can do to avoid the flu if you do.

Can I Get a Flu Shot With a Cold?

Should you get a flu shot with a cold?. Jamie Grill/The Image Bank/Getty Images

If you have a cold, is this reason enough to avoid getting a flu vaccine? There's a chance you should wait until you are feeling better but depending on your symptoms, you may be able to get vaccinated even with a cold.

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Should You Get a Flu Shot With a Fever?

This is a question that comes up a lot, especially when parents are vaccinating their kids. Children run fevers a lot more often than adults do. If you or your child has a fever when you go to the doctor for a flu shot, find out whether or not you should put it off for a later date.

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Are Flu Shots Safe for People With Egg Allergies?

It used to be that anyone with an egg allergy could not get a flu vaccine at all. Because there are alternative vaccines now, that often isn't the case. If you have an egg allergy, read this and see what your chances are of being vaccinated against the flu. And of course, talk to your health care provider (and preferably your allergist) about what your options are and what is best for you.

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Should You Get a Flu Shot During Pregnancy?

Understandably, most pregnant women are very concerned about what they put in their bodies. Could getting a vaccine during pregnancy harm the baby or is it good for mom and baby alike? Find out what the science shows.

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What If I Have Cancer?

If you have cancer, you have bigger things to worry about than the flu. But the flu could have disastrous consequences to someone with a compromised immune system - like those undergoing cancer treatment. Find out if flu vaccines are recommended for people with cancer and talk to your oncologist to see if they are right for you.

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Should I Get a Flu Shot If I Have Heart Disease?

People with chronic health conditions like heart disease are considered to be at "high risk for complications" from the flu. But does this mean that flu vaccines are safe? In most cases, yes. Find out what you should do to protect yourself from the flu if you have heart disease.

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Can I Get a Flu Shot If I Have Asthma?

The flu is a respiratory illness (if you are thinking of the vomiting/diarrhea variety - that's gastroenteritis, not influenza) and any type of respiratory infection is likely to be more severe for people with asthma. Not all flu vaccines are safe for people with asthma though. Find out what you need to know about getting vaccinated and avoiding the flu.

What Will Happen If I Get a Flu Shot While I'm Sick?

If you do happen to get a flu vaccine while you are sick, will it work? Find out how vaccines work to keep us from getting the diseases they are intended to prevent and how being sick when you get the vaccine affects that.

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Who Should NOT Get Flu Shots

A full list of who should not get the flu vaccine, including when it should be avoided just temporarily. See if you are one that should avoid the vaccine and what you can do to protect yourself from the flu without it.

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