Can I Return Running Shoes?

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"I bought a pair of running shoes and I'm not happy with the fit. Can I return them?"

If you bought your running shoes at a specialty running store and they're less than 2 weeks old and clean, most running shops will take them back. Bring back the shoes with your receipt and the box they came in, and work with the staff to find the right running shoes for you.

When you're shopping for running shoes, make sure you ask about the store's return policy, so there are no surprises if you do need to return them.

Here are some other running shoe shopping tips:

  • Try shoes on towards the end of the day, or after a run. Your feet tend to swell throughout the day and when you run, so you’ll get a more accurate fit.
  • Bring your current running shoes. By looking at the wear patterns, the salesperson can tell about your running gait. If you wear orthotics or shoe inserts, bring them, since they’’ll affect the way your shoe fits.
  • Wear your running socks to ensure the right fit. If you don't have running socks, pick some up at the store. You’ll want to get socks made of special acrylics or polyester blends that are designed to wick moisture and keep your feet dry. When cotton socks get wet, they stay wet, which leads to blisters.
  • Make sure the running store salesperson does a foot and gait analysis. By examining your feet, watching you run, he or she can recommend the right shoes for you.

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