Can Strides Help Me Run Faster?

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"Someone mentioned to me that I should be doing strides as part of my 10K training. What are they and how do I do them?"

Strides are short, fast interval runs between 50 and 200 meters. They should be run at a "comfortable sprint" pace, which means that you're basically running as fast as you can without losing your proper running form. Doing strides can help improve your speed, flexibility, coordination, and running efficiency.

So if you're looking to improve your race times, adding strides to your training regimen can make a difference.

When running strides, you should focus on turning over your legs quickly, relaxing your shoulders, and maintaining good posture. Recover in between each interval and make sure you're not out of breath when you start your next interval. If you find yourself losing your form towards the end of the interval, try slowing down, taking a longer rest, or running a shorter distance.

Try to do a session of strides at least once a week, preferably after an easy or medium intensity run. For example, you might want to run 8 x 100m following a 30-minute easy run. Some runners also like to do a few strides (such as 5 x 50m) as part of their warm-up before a race or speed workout. Just make sure you don't do strides after a hard speed workout because you'll most likely be fatigued and not able to maintain good form.

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