Candida Cleanse

List of Foods to Limit

Milk is offered for sale at a grocery store on December 27, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. Milk prices could spike to $6 to $8 a gallon in January if lawmakers fail to reach a 'fiscal cliff' deal and renew a Farm Bill that's been in place since 2008 and sets the price at which the government buys milk.
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  • Dairy Products: According to some alternative medicine practitioners, Candida may impair the body's ability to digest fat, so dairy products are often restricted. How much dairy one consumes may also depend on individual reactions to cow's milk and cow's milk products such as cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, and butter.
  • People often temporarily eliminate the following dairy foods from the diet:
  • Cow's milk, including whole, skim, 2%, dry powdered milk
  • Most cheeses. Cheeses lower in lactose may be tolerated, such as Monterey Jack, sharp white cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, Colby, provolone, and dry curd cottage cheese.

According to some alternative medicine practitioners, organic skim yogurt made with live bacteria may be beneficial for some people because of the beneficial bacteria it contains.

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