Candy Corn Footprint Craft

Painted Feet Are Sweet!

candy corn feet craft
This fun candy corn feet craft is easy to do with your little one, and makes for an adorable Halloween decoration. Amanda Rock

Looking for a treat of a Halloween craft that is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it? This candy corn footprint craft is easy to make and a lot of fun too (especially if you have a preschooler whose feet are ticklish)!

Before you start this craft, be sure to lay out all of your supplies ahead of time. This craft does require some drying time, so make sure you let your little one know there will be waiting involved. Perhaps start the craft, and then while it is drying eat lunch or head outside for some fun.

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Candy Corn Footprint Craft


  • Washable poster paint in yellow, orange, and white
  • Paint brush
  • Large piece of orange construction paper or poster board (cut to 11" x 17")
  • Standard size construction paper in yellow and orange
  • Black magic marker
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Glue stick or glue
  • Jack 'o lantern or pumpkin stamp with ink pad (optional)
  • Scissors

Get Crafting!

  1. Have your preschooler remove his shoes and socks and paint a candy corn pattern on one of her feet. Mentally dividing the foot into three sections, paint yellow at the top (toes), orange in the middle, and white on the bottom (heel). Have your preschooler step onto the black construction paper. Repeat with the other foot, making sure that the two feet are pointed in the same direction and that the feet line up the way that you would naturally stand. 
  2. Once the paint has dried, glue the black construction paper onto the orange paper, near the bottom of the page but leaving a margin. Have your child's footprint be pointed so the yellow (toes) is facing downward.
  3. On the yellow construction paper, using the black magic marker, write (or have your preschooler do it if she's able): "Trick or Treat! Smell my Feet!" If you like, you can use a jack 'o lantern or pumpkin stamp to take the place of the "o" or "or." Decorate as above with a spider or any other Halloween-type images as you like. Once you are finished, glue the yellow construction paper to the orange paper, above the black footprints.
  4. Using the glitter glue or the black marker, decorate the corners of the orange construction paper by making spider webs (draw three slightly curved lines coming out from the corner, then connect with curved lines as shown). 
  5. Using the black marker (or the glitter glue if you have enough,) write your child's name at the bottom of the orange construction paper (or have your little one do it). Put the date on the back.

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