Candy Platter Baby Shower Game

Candy Platter Baby Shower Game
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There are a lot of baby shower games that involve candy. Probably the most well known game involves diapers and melted candy bars. That game is fun for the right crowd, but some people really despise it, so here is a more suitable alternative for those who worry about the tastefulness, pun intended, of that game.

So the candy platter game invokes you gathering up a bunch of different candies.  They can be chocolate bars, hard candy, basically anything you want to get.

  You lay it out on a platter for everyone to see.  Have the hostess hold up each piece of candy individually and have guests shout out word associations or advice related to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, or parenting inspired by the candy. Have a scribe write the answers down.

Here are some examples:

100 Grand Bar

  • Hospital bill
  • How much it costs to raise a child

Baby Ruth Bars

  • Baby name
  • Some babies are ruthless
  • Don't eat peanuts while breastfeeding if history of peanut allergy in the family

3 Musketeers

  • Triplets
  • You, your partner, your baby
  • Your support team in labor

Mr. Goodbar

  • A much awaited baby
  • Doctor who agrees to your birth plan

Milky Way Bar

Butterfinger Bar

  • Don't drop the baby
  • Babies are slippery when wet
  • All parents make. Mistakes

Snickers Bar

  • What people do when they see your behind in a hospital gown
  • What people do when you say you plan on having a baby who sleeps a lot

Twix Bar

  • Pregnancy- you are betwixt and between life stages
  • Twins

Sugar Babies

  • The baby
  • Baby kisses

Cry Babies

  • Colic
  • Babies need lots of holding


  • Babies have to twist and turn to be born
  • Umbilical cord

Good & Plenty

  • Plenty of breast milk
  • Plenty of wet/dirty diapers
  • Size of a newborn stomach


  • People who have babies
  • Nursing

Ring Pop

  • Water breaking sound
  • Ring of fire
  • If you like it put a ring on it


  • Size of one centimeter dilated
  • Be a smartie, take childbirth and parenting classes


  • Raise our little ones, like YOLO
  • Roll with it
  • Babies roll between 3-4 months

Pop Rocks

  • Ready to pop
  • Water breaking


  • Kiss your baby
  • Sling safety: baby is close enough to kiss
  • Silver nipple award


  • Babies are worth it


  • There is a reason for contractions
  • Mom is the reason for the party/baby shower

An alternative is to have the guests each have paper a nod something to write with as you hold each one up. Then go back and gave them call out answers.

If you want a game with winners there are a couple of ways to select a winner. You can have the mom-to-be select her favorite answer. You can also have her pick favorite answer for each one, but have a secret selected candy and whomever was picked as best answer wins. You could also have randomly marked a paper as the winner or put all the papers mixed up in a pile and have her select one randomly.

You can buy miniature candies very inexpensively at the dollar type stores. Then use left overs in a big bowl, but mixed up.  It can be a centerpiece and guests can snack out of it. Some also choose full size bars and gift them to the winner or the mom-to-be.

You can also skip buying the candy and just use names. This is a great way to save money. I also know one hostess who told everyone to bring a thing of candy so that even she was surprised.

Have fun!

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