Carb Counts for Green Bell Peppers

Carbohydrate and Nutritional Information

Bell Pepper
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Green Bell peppers can add a fresh note to salads, omelets, and so many other dishes. They also add color, particularly when combined with other peppers.

Carbohydrate and Fiber Counts for Green Bell Peppers

  • ½ cup chopped green Bell pepper: 2.5 grams effective (net) carbohydrate plus 1 gram fiber and 15 calories
  • ½ cup sliced green Bell pepper: 1.5 grams effective (net) carbohydrate plus 1 gram fiber and 9 calories
  • 1 medium green Bell pepper (about 2¾" long and 2½" or about 4¼ oz.): 6 grams effective (net) carbohydrate plus 2 grams fiber and 24 calories

Glycemic Index for Green Bell Peppers

As with most non-starchy vegetables, there is no scientific study of the glycemic index of green Bell peppers.

Estimated Glycemic Load of Green Bell Peppers

Health Benefits of Green Bell Peppers

Green Bell peppers are an outstanding source of vitamin C (one serving provides at least the daily requirement), a very good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin K, and a good source of manganese.

Green Bell peppers are also a good source of antioxidants which may help protect our cells from damage.

Low-Carb Recipes with Green Bell Pepper

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