Carb Counts and Health Benefits of Portobello Mushrooms

Nutritional Information and Glycemic Load of Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms
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Portobello mushrooms are simply grown-up crimini mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms (especially the large ones) can be used as healthy alternatives for many food favorites. For instance, the large caps of portobello mushrooms can serve as vehicles for other ingredients such as pizza toppings or even brown rice, quinoa or other low-carb healthy grains. Because of their texture, portobellos make a delicious and hearty meat alternative for a vegetarian or vegan.

 Grilled portobellos can be used instead of hamburger buns. These hearty mushrooms also take well to marinades.

When cooking with portobello mushrooms, many prefer to remove the gills, as they can turn very dark and exude liquid which muddies the flavors of the other ingredients.

Carbohydrate and Fiber Counts for Portobello Mushrooms

1/2 cup diced raw portobello mushrooms1.5 gram effective (net) carbohydrate plus .5 gram fiber and 11 calories
1 large portobello cap (about 3 ounces)3 grams effective (net) carbohydrate plus 1 gram fiber and 22 calories
1/2 cup sliced grilled portobello mushrooms1.5 gram effective (net) carbohydrate plus 1.5 fiber and 21 calories

Glycemic Index for Portobello Mushrooms

As with most non-starchy vegetables, there is no scientific study of the glycemic index of mushrooms. Here is more information about the glycemic index.

Estimated Glycemic Load of Portobello Mushrooms

Serving SizeEstimated Glycemic Load
1/2 cup diced raw portobello mushrooms1
1 large portobello cap (about 3 ounces)2
1/2 cup sliced grilled portobello mushrooms2

Here is more information about the glycemic load.

Health Benefits of Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are an excellent source of copper, selenium, riboflavin, and niacin, and a very good source of pantothenic acid, potassium, and phosphorus. They are a good source of thiamin.

Low-Carb Mushroom Recipes

You can substitute portobello mushrooms (or the smaller variety known as cremini mushrooms) for the white button mushrooms in these recipes and vice versa.


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