Carbohydrate Counters and Net Carb Counting Tools

Count carbohydrates and net carbs to manage weight or diabetes

Do you need a quick and easy carbohydrate counter for weight loss? Or perhaps you need to count net carbs in order to stick to the Atkins plan and lose weight. These links will take you directly to the best online tools for counting carbs. You'll get an instant answer so that you know the carbohydrate content in each food and also the number of net carbs that it provides.

With each listing I've included some quick tips so that you can use the carb tool more quickly and effectively. You'll also find carb counting advice and information about net carbs and glycemic index to help you manage your weight more effectively.

The Calorie Count Food Search Tool

carb counters online
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Simply type in the name of a food and you get instant information about the carbohydrate count of that item, along with calorie, fat and protein counts as well.  This is a great online tool (and app) for people who want brand-specific data and information about restaurant foods. 

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SuperTracker Food Tracker

Free Carb Counter online

The free online carbohydrate counter at is a great tool for comparing the carb content of foods. To use the tool, simply type in the name of the first food and click "go." Then click on the "Nutrient Info" tab to get details about carbohydrate content and other nutritional data. To compare foods, click on the "Compare Foods" tab and type in another food name. 

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Atkins Online Net Carbohydrate Counter

carb counting tool from Atkins

This carb counting tool is quick and easy. Simply type in the name of the food you are interested in and click "add to my list." You'll get instant data about the number of net carbs in each food. You will not get a listing of total carbs from this carb counting tool, but data about net carbs only.

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Atkins Carb Counter (Download)

Carb counting download from Atkins

 This downloadable list of foods is not a searchable database. But it can be very helpful if you're counting net carbs. But like other Atkins tools, the food list provides net carbs for each food and not total carbs for each food. 

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How to Count Carbs to Lose Weight

how to cut carbs
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If you are just starting to cut net carbs or if you're learning to use carb counting tools online, this is a great place to start. You'll find basic information about good carbs and bad carbs, net carbs and low carbohydrate diets.

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How to Count Net Carbs

carb counting for weight loss
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Do carbohydrates matter most or do net carbs matter more when you're trying to slim down. Learn the difference between different types of carbs so that you only count the carbs that matter.

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Carbohydrate Counting - American Diabetes Association

counting carbs to manage diabetes
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If you are counting carbohydrates to manage diabetes, this informative web page gives you all the information you need from a reputable source. The American Diabetes Association helps you to start counting carbs, and provides advice about how to find low-carb foods. You'll also find a list of common foods that contain a small amount of carbohydrates.

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Looking for delicious low carb recipes? The Guide to Low Carb Diets has plenty of recipes, and she provides detailed carbohydrate information for each dish for people who are counting carbs.

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