Optimal Fitness Takes Tossing the Food Myths

Don't Believe the Myths about Carbs, Proteins and Fats

 With all the hoopla surrounding carbohydrates, proteins and fats it is no wonder so many are confused and getting stressed out about how to eat healthy.  

Time to Dump the Food Myths

Dump the Food Myths
All Macronutrients are Vital for a Healthy Body. andresr/Getty Images

 Eating healthy should never feel like a burden and be a natural process just like breathing.  Dispelling the myths about these essential macronutrients will shed some light on why they are all important, why the body needs them, and guide you in the “right” direction when it comes to carbs, proteins and fats. 

Carbohydrates: make me fat

Food Myth: Carbs Make us Fat. Adam Gault/Getty Images

 Uttering the word “carbs” can open a backlash of ugly commentary and dirty looks.  You have just said a dirty word among people who believe carbs are evil and the cause of unwanted fat and muffin tops. All carbs have taken a heavy hit, are considered taboo by many “fad diets” and wrongly accused of causing weight gain and obesity.  People have fallen into a trap of believing untruths about this very necessary macronutrient that provides energy for optimum health and fitness.  There is a difference between good and bad carbohydrates and that is the only truth that should be considered.  Abandoning good carbs is like not fueling your car with premium gas, running on empty, and eventually coming to a complete stop. Read more about how carbs are needed every day, are a part of healthy nutrition and how they actually help with weight loss

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Protein: I should only eat this

Eat the Right Amount of Protein Daily. Peter Dazeley Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

 The powerhouse of muscle recovery is almighty protein and another macronutrient the body requires for optimum health and fitness.  Unfortunately many “fad diets” have taken on the more is better approach when it comes to protein and support intake of protein alone as the best way to lose weight.  In this case, the body is flooded with too much of a good thing and missing out on good carbs and some healthy fats.  “Man can’t live on protein alone” and consuming large batches is not the secret to weight loss or muscle gain.  Eating a wide-variety of healthy foods from carbs, fats and protein will be the success of maintaining a healthy body. When it comes to protein, knowing the best types and if enough protein is being included in daily food intake are good questions to ponder.   Read more about this very important macronutrient. 

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Fats: eating fat will make me fat

Healthy Fat
Eating Healthy Fat Does Not Make You Fat. Dimitri Otis Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

 Fats have started to make a comeback and gaining positive headway into the healthy foods to eat category.  Fats just like carbohydrates have fallen prey to wrongful write-ups which have caused people to reject them like the plague.  Healthy fats are an essential macronutrient the body needs and many health benefits are provided by eating them.  Eating healthy fats actually helps with weight loss and maintaining a healthy heart. Thankfully we are starting to understand the importance of healthy fats and realizing that eating fat does not make us fat. However, not all fats are created equal and it will be important to learn which fats are the best for our body.  Read more about healthy fats and feel good about eating them. 

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Water: I don't need that much water

Drink Water
Drink Plenty of Water for a Lean and Healthy Body. Simon Katzer Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

 Drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy body and it is unbelievable that even water has become a controversial subject.  Arguments of drinking too much or not enough are running amuck in the health and fitness industry.  We could not survive without water and 2/3rds of our body makeup is comprised of water.  Drinking water is really a “no brainer” and if you are thirsty that is your body wanting water.   The body loves water and utilizes it at every physiological level from our cells, to our blood, heart, lungs, and skin.  Thinking of water as a necessary nutrient like food may help with increasing your water intake.  Many health benefits from glowing skin to weight loss are related to staying hydrated. Read more about the importance of water and how drinking plenty creates a lean and healthy body. 

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