Cardio Gym Medley Workout

Bust Boredom and Blast Calories

Treadmill. Spencer Platt / Staff / Getty Images

This 40-minute cardio medley workout involves using three different cardio machines: the treadmill, bike, and the elliptical trainer. If you've only been using one cardio machine, it will do your body good to train on three different pieces of equipment, each working different sets of muscles. It will burn major amounts of calories and bust gym boredom.

For each machine, you'll change the settings (speed, incline, resistance, ramps, etc.) to increase and decrease the intensity of your workout.

The speed, incline, and resistance listed are only suggestions, so change them according to your fitness level, using the Perceived Exertion Scale to determine how hard you're working. 

Setting Up the Cardio Gym Medley Workout

Feel free to use different machines, depending on what you have available. Maybe your gym has a rowing machine or a skiing machine you'd rather switch to than the exercise bike. That's super, your goal is to bust through boredom. Or you may loathe riding the bike but you know you need to exercise the leg muscles that the treadmill never works. This way you are only on the bike for a few minutes before going back to your preferred cardio machine.

Be sure you know how to adjust each machine before you start the medley. Otherwise, you will find yourself confused in the middle and you'll probably slow down or even come to a halt to figure it out. That is certainly counterproductive to a good workout.

Have a water bottle handy and take a drink when you change machines. This is a long workout and the switches are at about the right interval to stay hydrated.

Cardio Gym Medley Workout

Treadmill Intervals

TimeIntensity/SpeedInclinePerceived Exertion
5 min3.0 mph - warm-up1%Level 2-3
3 min4.0+ mph3%4-5
1 min4.5+ mph6%5
3 min5.0+ mph2-4%6
1 min4.5+ mph5%5
1 min6.0+ mph2-4%6-7
1 min3.0 - 4.0 mph0%3-4

Total Time: 15 minutes

Bike Intervals

TimeIntensity/SpeedResistance/LevelPerceived Exertion
1 min70 - 80 RPM54
1 min100 - 110 RPM6-86
1 min70 - 80 RPM54
1 min100 - 110 RPM6-86
1 min70 - 80 RPM54
1 min100 - 110 RPM6-86
1 min70 - 80 RPM54
1 min100 - 110 RPM6-86
1 min70 - 80 RPM54
1 min70 - 80 RPM54

Total Time: 10 minutes

Elliptical Trainer Intervals

TimeResistance/LevelPerceived Exertion
3 min4/55
2 min6/66
3 min5/55-6
2 min6/76
5 min2/13-4 (cool down)

Total Time: 15 minutes

Overall Time: 40 minutes.

Don't be an equipment hog. Do this medley when all three pieces are available and you aren't getting in anybody's way. Bring a towel to wipe it down when you make your change.

If you discover that despite your efforts to be courteous somebody else has gotten on one of the machines you planned to use next, simply switch back to the previous one or continue adding to the intervals on the piece of equipment you are currently using. You can always do this workout another day in the way you intended. Keep a good attitude and don't stress over not being able to switch between machines. Put any frustration to work in your workout and power through those intervals with a smile.

Don't forget to drink, and you may even have earned a little recovery snack at the end of this workout.