Caregiver Support Program - From Surviving to Thriving

30 Day Program Moves Family Caregiving from Burden to Opportunity

caregiver support program
You can turn caregiving from a burden to an opportunity. This 30-Day program shows you how. Getty Images

I recently introduced a Caregiver Support Program through that readers may find interesting. Each day for 30 days you receive an inspiring video, a message from me, that is uplifting and soothing. While you listen to me speak and sing you also watch beautiful nature videos and listen to serene music in the background.

The program is ideal to give as a personal gift or a value-added benefit from senior care providers.

Here is our message from the first video.

Sing me a song Anthony said, Esther. Well what do you want I asked? Because He Lives she said. I replied I don’t know that song. Well, that’s what I want. Hmmm. I had a dilemma. Here I was in a hospital in the CCU unit and Esther, an assisted living resident that I often sang for and who had become my friend summoned me to her hospital room where her daughter was also there and she wanted me to sing. I ended up singing “Unforgettable That’s What You Are.” But I vowed to learn that song and I did and I recorded it on a CD and sent it to her. Turns out Esther died a few weeks later and for some reason, I went to the funeral. When I walked in her daughter started crying, something she had not done until I arrived. She came up to me and asked if I had heard about Esther’s last day. I did not. Turns out she had played the song I recorded for Esther all day. It goes like this:  “Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow. Because He Lives All Fear is Gone. Because I know he is my future. And life is worth the living just because he lives.”  As the recording was playing Esther’s daughter knelt down next to her mother and started singing along and telling Esther to let go. Esther died that day.

Up until then, I had struggled with my purpose. I was trying to run away from a mission I clearly had to help older people and their caregivers. Because I made money in other areas but not in this one, I thought it made me something less of a person. But after you help someone through your voice to transition from one life to another you can’t help but be struck by the fact that even if you wanted to you couldn’t run away from this opportunity to service others.  

Breathe in then breathe out.

As a caregiver, you have been given not a burden but an opportunity to both help and get to know your loved one better. I will help you. After listening to this I want you to reflect on your new role as a caregiver and how it can be an opportunity for you to grow.

Who is your Esther? Who do you have to thank for this wonderful opportunity to grow and learn? You’re not alone. In the next 30 days, I will give you tools to thrive in your caregiving. Thank you for embracing it.

Watch the first three videos here.   I hope you enjoy these videos and that they uplift and inspire you and/or the person you give them to as well.