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Staples - 6 Days Post Cesarean

This mother just had her first cesarean section six days before this photo was taken. Here you see her staples holding her skin incision together. Desiree

A cesarean birth is something that many women experience. One of the things that many women think about before or after their surgery is what the scar will look like and how it will impact their lives. Here are what some of the physical scars of a c-section look like.

If you would also like information on scar care and what you can do to heal better, you can see the Scar Car Guide. Remember, what your scar looks like will depend on many factors. These factors include:

  • How long ago you had your c-section
  • The type of incision made
  • How many incisions have been made in the same space
  • The type of repair your surgeon did
  • The materials used (steri-strips, sutures, or staples)
  • How your body healed
  • You skin integrity
  • Your body's tendency to scar

If you have questions about your incision or scar, be sure to contact your doctor, even if you are passed the six week check up window. It is important that you take care of yourself.

This mother just had her first cesarean section six days before this photo was taken. Here you see her staples holding her skin incision together. While not everyone will have staples, they are fairly common after a cesarean birth.

Cesarean Incision Scar- 5 days

This mom had a cesarean five days prior to this photo. Notice the shaving of the pubic hair. Emma

The scar in this photo is from surgery five days before. You will notice here that the mother has had her pubic hair shaved. This is no longer recommended, clippers will typically be used instead.

Three Months After Surgery

Cesarean Scar - 3 Months After Surgery. Aimee

Three months after her cesarean birth, this mother shows you her scar. You can see that it is still very red and slightly raised.

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Gambrel cesarean
Photo © Jessica G.

The stretch marks are noticeable and with staples, you can tell that this surgery is still fresh. She too had her pubic hair shaved for her surgery.

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After one cesarean, currently 6 months pregnant in this photo. Valerie Crandall

This scar is several months old in this photo. Notice how it is less red, but varies in thickness? This is fair common and depends on how your body responds.

Vertical Incision C-Section Scar

This mother is pregnant with her third baby and showing you her vertical skin incision. She has now had a total of three cesarean sections. Nichole

This mother is pregnant with her third baby. She has had a vertical or classical incision on her abdomen, which you see just under her belly button. This type of incision is not typical. It if often used in an emergency or when the baby is very premature. This mother has had two cesareans.

2 Year Old Cesarean Scar, 8 Weeks Pregnant

Cesarean Scar - 8 weeks Pregnant - 2nd Pregnancy - Pregnant Belly Photos
Photo (c) Diana P.

This photo was taken 2 years, 8 months, and 6 days following an emergency cesarean section for my first pregnancy. I am also 2 months pregnant in this photo and plan to attempt a VBAC for the next one (this baby). You can see this one is no longer red, and it is very even.

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 Having staples removed is not painful. Sometimes one or two of the staples hurts a bit more than the others, but over all it is a very smooth and quick process.

Postpartum Photos

Here the staples are being removed about a week after surgery. Notice the bruising by the belly button and the stitches to the right. This mother also had a drain placed after her surgery.

Postpartum Photos

Robin Weiss

This is what the scar looks like right after the staples are removed. You can see the railroad track looking scars on either side of the incision. These will eventually fade to be just dots.

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