Cesarean Section and Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Books

With about a third of women having cesarean births and many who contemplate vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), there needs to be more knowledge on a potential surgical birth. Learning about a c-section before you labor, can help you make the best decision for you and your family. This is true no matter how you think you will give birth, as the decision for a cesarean is often made during labor.

There is also the recovery after you have had a surgical birth. When can you exercise? What can you expect from a cesarean scar? When can you have sex again? These are all questions that mothers who have had a c-section ask after giving birth.

There is also the question of what will a surgical birth mean for future births and babies. Is it true that once you have a cesarean, you will always need a cesarean? (No.) Are you a candidate for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)? Where do you get more information and/or support for your future birthing choices?


Written by Nicette Jukelevics, a childbirth educator, this book has the most updated information about cesarean birth and vaginal birth after cesarean available. With a thorough exam of the medical studies and analysis of risks both to the mother, baby and future pregnancies you can see how to best plan for your birth, be it your first baby or last. The amount of information in this book is amazing. While this book is expensive, it is a great resource. You may want to reserve it at your local library.


Geared towards the consumer, this book is a handy, middle-of-the-road approach to discussing cesarean birth, why it may be needed, when it is done, and lots of tips and advice for recovery. This can certainly be a great starting point for you if you need to have a c-section for your baby's birth.


This is a how-to book by medical journalist Diana Korte, co-author of Good Birth, Safe Birth. This book was written awhile ago, so the statistics are a bit different, but her words of wisdom on the steps to planning a VBAC are still true. This was one of the first books to be written towards mothers on the topic of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).


A guide to healing your body and mind after a cesarean birth. From exercises to diet, incision care to future births a mother shares her personal and professional experiences. This is geared more towards physical recovery of the mother, so not necessarily what you may look for if you want emotional recovery advice.


Twenty-two stories from women who have had a previous c-section and desired a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) are compiled in this book. How they struggled, sought care and ultimately had their babies, including cesarean birth after cesarean (CBAC) and vaginal birth after cesareans (VBAC) at homes and hospitals is at the heart of this book - hoping to allow other women some insight on the process.


A classic book about cesarean section prevention. While this book is older, the information is still valid for today's births. This is one that many of the women who first stood up to say, "I want a VBAC!" turned to for advice and answers, at a time when many books were not written about pregnancy in general and cesarean birth specifically.


This book is solely about the emotional recovery after birth, though it is not specifically about cesarean birth or vaginal birth after cesarean. That said, this book has been so useful for many, many mothers. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has emotional baggage or questions after giving birth.

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