Birthday Party Fun: How to Play Cheeto Head

Look Out for Flying Cheetos! There's a Cheeto Head Game On

Teenage girl sharing birthday cake with friends
Teenage girls at a birthday party. Tim Macpherson/Cultura/Getty Images

Are you looking for a fun game to play at your teen's birthday party? Do you have a bag of Cheetos and some shaving cream? If so, you are ready to set up a hilarious game of Cheeto Head.

This is a fun game that teens will get a kick out of and it is very easy (and cheap) to plan.

What is Cheeto Head?

Cheeto head is a game that kids of all ages can play. It can be played with as few as four players or used to entertain an entire crowd of teenagers.

During the game, players pair up and one player has a mound of shaving cream on their head. Their teammate spends two minutes throwing Cheetos at them in an attempt to get the bright orange snacks stuck in the shaving cream. The team with the most Cheetos in the head wins.

That's it! It is simple and easy for any parent to organize. As an added bonus, you have a ready supply of snacks right there (just don't let the kids eat the Cheetos covered in shaving cream).

The Details of Playing Cheeto Head

You will need to gather just three items to play Cheeto head. You may already plan to buy Cheetos for the party, so that is taken care of. Beyond that, pick up a few cans of cheap shaving cream and something to protect the teens' precious hair.

A trip to the local drug store or dollar store should be all you need to do. Shaving cream is very messy and you might find that a cheap rain poncho is best for protecting the teen's hair and clothing during the game.

To save money, consider buying generic cheesy snacks that look like Cheetos and save the good ones for eating!

You Will Need

  • Plastic shower caps or rain ponchos with hoods
  • Shaving cream
  • Cheetos
  • Pairs of teens

How to Play Cheeto Head

  1. One of the teens puts on the protective garb.
  2. A pile of shaving cream is placed on their head.
  1. The second teen is given a bowl full of Cheetos and steps back about 4 feet.
  2. The teen throws Cheetos at the shaving cream for 2 minutes.
  3. The pair that has the most Cheetos in the shaving cream wins.

You can organize this game so only one team plays at a time or set up a head-to-head elimination round. It is fun for teens to watch each other fling Cheetos.

On the other hand, getting the entire party involved at the same time is a ton of fun too. Just watch out for flying Cheetos!

A Few Clean Up Tips

Both Cheetos and shaving cream are messy, so think ahead and make clean up a little easier.

  • If you have water games planned, think about playing this game first. This may help clean up the kids!
  • If you are concerned about your lawn, move this game onto the patio or driveway. Use a broom and dustpan to pick up all of the Cheetos and most of the shaving cream. Wash away the creamy remnants with your water hose.
  • Have a 'dump bucket' lined with a garbage bag available. Ask the teens to attempt to get most of the shaving cream and Cheetos into the bucket while removing the headwear.
  • To avoid all of the teens running inside your home to clean up, be ready with an outdoor option. A bucket of soapy water and a few towels is a quick fix.
  • Be mindful of your pets! Flying Cheetos are tempting for dogs and you do not want them eating creamy Cheetos. It would be best to keep them inside until everything is cleaned up.

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