Child Care Options For The Summer

Keep your kids happy and entertained this summer with these child care options


Summer is around the corner. Have you thought about how to fill your child's day during the summer? There are many options for summer child care, depending on your child's age, interests and your schedule. Here are some summer child care options:

Hire a Summer Babysitter/Nanny

Hiring a nanny or sitter for the summer is a great option for working parents or stay at home moms who need some hours off during the week.

Many teachers and students are off during the summer and looking for babysitting jobs. Look for a babysitter or nanny who has specialized experience in an area of interest to your child, such as a sport, dance or a second language. Your child can learn a new skill during the summer months.

Find a Babysitting Co-op

babysitting coop is a group of families who agree to watch each other's children, free of charge. A formal babysitting coop will follow a set of bylaws and will use a point sytem. A formal babysitting coop may have officer with specific duties to keep the coop running effectively an efficiently. In an informal babysitting coop, each member may simply keeping track of the number of hours they babysit and consider that the same number of free babysitting hours earned. This can be as small as three families, but coops tend to work better with bigger groups so there are more people availability to babysit at any given time.

Enroll in Camps

Camps are a great option for working parents who need care for extended hours. At camp, children can build relationships and try new activities. Many day camps provide programs for children as young as two or three years old. Overnight camp is a wonderful option for older children. There are many varieties of camps, including half and full day camp programs, camps at the beach, religious camps, and camps that specialize in different areas, such as art, music, sports, academics, exploring nature.

When choosing a camp, think about your child's needs, personality and likes. 

Enroll in Specialized Classes

If you want to get your child out of the house for a few hours, but do not want to commit to a camp, enroll them in some classes or other activities to occupy their time (and yours!). Is your child interested in a sport or learning a special skill? There are many class options, such as cooking, dance, basketball, nature, performing arts, martial arts, tennis and art. If your child wants to try a few different activities, look for classes that are shorter in duration. This way your child gets to experience many specialized activities throughout the summer.

Hire a Tutor

This may be the least desirable option for children, but tutors are important to prevent learning loss, which all students experience when they do not engage in educational activities over the summer. If your child was struggling with a subject over the school year, a tutor may be necessary. The summer is a great time for your child to fill in learning gaps or advance ahead with enrichment activities though the help of a tutor. 

Create a Combo

If you have some flexibility, mix up your child's schedule with a combination.

You may choose to have a babysitter two days a week and send him to day camp or classes three days a week. If you are a parent who works from home, you may have a lighter work schedule in the summer and can be home with your child one or two days a week. You may also want to set up playdates with your child's friends from school or have a tutor a few hours a week.

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