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Child Health and Vaccines

Mental Health

As a parent, it’s your job to help your child develop a healthy body and mind. Developing a child's emotional intelligence and capacity to manage their feelings is just as important as developing their body.

Some feelings and topics are more difficult than others. How can you help a child manage powerful feelings like anger, sadness, and fear? What can you do to help your child develop healthier relationships and attitudes? Here are the basics to get you started.

The Vaccines Debate

When did vaccinations become so controversial? They've been developed to protect us from otherwise deadly diseases, but some parents are concerned about their risks, many of which have no scientific evidence. Autism, allergies, learning disabilities – we’ve heard it all, and some of these arguments sound quite convincing, despite being false.

To make the best decision for your child you need to understand both sides of this complex debate and arm yourself with the information your child needs. That means getting your information from credible, trusted sources – not anti-vaccination websites with little to no support for their claims. That also means knowing how to analyze the evidence by looking for specific signs that an argument isn’t true. Here we give it to you straight.