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Teacher helping pregnant woman to practice breathing technique in antenatal class
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Taking a childbirth class can be a really important part of your pregnancy education. You may or may not have a really good idea of what you learn in a childbirth class, but it covers a lot of territory, including how to have a healthy pregnancy, when to go to the hospital or birth center, and even the basics of baby care and breastfeeding.

Childbirth class can also be a great way to start a conversation between you and your doctor or midwife about the preferences that you have for the birth of your baby.

Here is what is covered in this online childbirth class:

  • Class One: The basics of pregnancy, pregnancy adjustment, nutrition, and exercise. A look at pain in pregnancy, labor and birth and the beginnings of coping with pain.
  • Class Two: Comfort measures during pregnancy and labor/birth, pre-labor, timing contractions, relaxation.
  • Class Three: First stage labor: from beginning to end. What to expect, how to cope and answers to questions like "When should I go to the hospital?" and "Is this the real thing?" Also emphasis on being a great labor support person.
  • Class Four: Second and Third Stage labor (pushing and placentas), birth plans, doulas, and lots of neat tips! This includes labor positions and methods for pushing.
  • Class Five: This class will focus on medications, interventions and complications. We will cover cesarean birth, fetal monitoring, episiotomy, and more. We will discuss how to make the best decisions for your birth.
  • Class Six: Postpartum adjustment, newborn care (diapering, bathing, cord care), sex after baby, postpartum your 6 week check up, bleeding, and postpartum depression. These round out our six week online childbirth class, but there is always more to learn.

This online class is set up into six lessons. You should ideally take each lesson in order and do no more than one lesson per week.

The system is setup to send you a reminder email. This reminds you to take the class materials once per week each of the six weeks. It will also give you some extra articles that pertain to that week and the class materials. If you need to go more quickly, you can also select the missing a lesson link and ask that the next class be sent to you. This works well if you need to get the course done in a faster time frame.

Practicing relaxation and doing the various exercises will help you get the most out of this course. Each week, a different type of relaxation will be introduced. This is your opportunity to practice before labor and to familiarize yourself with a variety of techniques. The more your practice, the easier it will be once labor has started.

While taking an online class is not the perfect solution, it will help those who can't get to a childbirth class for whatever reason get the basics under their belt. When possible, you should supplement this online childbirth class with some in person experiences.

This can be an in person breastfeeding or baby care class or even just going to a parenting group to meet other expectant parents due about the same time you are due to have your baby. These people can make a great source of ideas, information, and a place to talk about what's going on in your pregnancy and with your babies.

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