Live Childbirth Videos

Videos About Labor and Childbirth

Live childbirth videos are a really popular thing to watch in pregnancy. Look at half the line up on some television stations and you'll see that women want to watch movies about childbirth. The problems is that these videos are heavily edited and do not depict labor and childbirth as it really happens.

It is important to have visual images and videos that show labor as it really happens and not how the video producers think labor should look like. That means that some of the childbirth videos that you will see below will have simply raw footage. No music, no editing, just the plain footage from the labor and delivery rooms or the home births.

Each birth is different, despite the fact that there are common elements to every one. I've tried to provide you with a bit of a description each time.

So here are some of my favorite childbirth videos.

Videos for Better Birth

Couple just after birth
Photo © Lillian Elaine Wilson/Getty Images

These seven birth videos each represent a healthy birth practice for you to use to educate yourself on birth. Included is a PDF of a teaching guide for helping you understand what you are seeing and how to use it in your birth. This includes:

  1. Let Labor Begin on Its Own
  2. Bring a Loved One, Friend or Doula for Support
  3. Freedom of Movement in Labor
  4. No Routine Interventions in Labor
  5. Use Upright Positions for Pushing
  6. Keep Mom and Baby Together for Bonding and Breastfeeding

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An Original Birth Video

An induction with an epidural and a cesarean (not terribly graphic). This childbirth video is a combination of pictures and live video. This can make for a gentle start to the video.

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This childbirth video shows a mom at home giving birth and images of the baby as well. You will see a child (sibling) helping with labor support and calmly participating. This is about five minutes long. (Nudity)

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Baby Audrey's Birth

This video shows the mom with an epidural, having a vaginal childbirth in the hospital. The dad cuts the cord. You see stirrups, and drapes in use. The video runs for about 6 minutes. She is very calm.

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Hudson's Hospital Birth

This is the birth of Hudson, in the hospital and unmedicated. It is told through a combination of pictures, text, and video. I really loved some of the shots here, like her phone filled with timed contractions - it felt very real to me.  The whole video is about eleven minutes long.

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Titus's Hospital Birth

 This mother was induced just before her due date. She chose an epidural and dilated quickly. This video is the last few minutes of pushing, where she receives an episiotomy. (This is a non-graphic film.) You can see her partner and the nurse counting while she pushes on her back, legs pulled up. 

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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Videos

If you are wanting to learn about a vaginal birth after a cesarea or VBAC, these videos might be helpful.

Will You Film Your Birth

After watching these videos, you might have questions about whether or not you would film your birth. The good news is that even if you do film it, you do not have to share it on the Internet. I think that it is always interesting to go back and look at the labor through the camera lens. Women often find that what is on the film is very different than what they experienced themselves. If you decide to film your birth, remember to have someone else do it. This should be their only job. Trying to get labor support from the person who is supposed take the video - that is a mess waiting to happen. You will have to figure out which they will do and either way you will be missing something. This is actually a great job for a kid.

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