Children's Books about the Weather

Children are often frightened by some of the Earth's weather. Thunder and lightening is scary for the little ones. Even heavy rains and blizzards can be scary. And that doesn't include the really scary stuff like tornadoes and hurricanes! Understanding these weather phenomena can help alleviate some of that fear. Some kids develop a deep interest in the weather - and that is true whether they start out frightened of it or not. Help your child learn about the weather or feed his fascination with some of these books about the weather.

Who doesn't love the Cat in the Hat? The entertaining rhymes and the cute stories have been entertaining children for generations. That same rhyming style is used in this book to teach children about the weather. The Cat in the Hat and his friends are traveling in a hot air balloon in this story and as they travel, the encounter rain, snow, thunder, tornadoes and hurricanes. The characters (and the children who are enjoying the story) learn about cloud formations, fog, humidity, lightening, and much more. Ages 4 and up

This is another book that helps young children understand some basic weather phenomena. This one focuses on rain, lightening, and thunder. These phenomena have frightened and fascinated human beings seemingly forever. Many of the cultural myths we read include explanations for thunder, for example. Our weekday Thursday is actually named after the Norse God, Thor - the god of thunder. These days we know the science behind rain, thunder, and lightening. This book will help your children understand that science. The book includes a couple of weather experiments and a short list of weather Web sites. Ages 4 and up

DK books are beloved by many gifted children. They are packed with information, presented in small bits with appealing pictures and drawings. This one introduces young children to the basic concepts of weather such as seasons, cloud formations, atmosphere, and twisters. It also covers topics like forecasting the weather and harnessing weather. There is a glossary at the back to help kids learn words related to weather. Ages 5 and up

em>Eye Wonder: Weather is a DK book  for young children.  This DK Eyewitness book is for slightly older kids. Many of the same topics are covered in this book as in the Eye Wonder book, but it goes a bit more in depth. It covers clouds and their development, lightening, thunder, wind, frost, ice, sun power, and more. It also discusses weather forecasting and shows kids how to put together a weather station at home. As with all DK books, this one has beautiful pictures and drawings to go along with the all the weather information it provides.

For ages 8 and up

For those familiar with National Geographic, it will be no surprise that this book is both fun and fascinating. It is full of information about Earth's crazy weather and great pictures too. What makes this book even more fascinating is that it includes tales of real-life wild-weather encounters experienced by storm chaser Tim Samaras! Ages 8 and up

This is another great book for children about the weather. It answers many questions that children no doubt have: what's in the eye of a tornado? What is the difference between the various kinds of clouds? How are storms created? How do meteorologists predict the weather? What is a "perfect storm"? Those questions are answered and much more information is provided. In addition to all the information, this book includes weather puzzles and games. Ages 8 and up

Kids who love the weather and are interested in how it is predicted will enjoy this book. It explains how to make what is needed to measure rainfall, wind direction, and humidity. It also tells readers how to record those measurements and make predictions. It's a wonderful hands-on introduction to meteorology. Ages 7 and up

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