Top 10 Children's Books About Twins

Books that Celebrate Twins

As twins have become more common, several excellent children's books about twins and multiple birth have been published. From board books for babies to more sophisticated picture books for beginner readers, these books illustrate and celebrate the unique relationship between multiples.


Fraturtles book about twins
Fraturtles by Keith Greenstein. Image courtesy of

This absolutely adorable take on twins focuses on "fraternal" twins, unlike the many other options that feature identical twins, answering the assumption that twins should look alike.  (2013, by Keith Greenstein)

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God Gave Us Two

God Gave Us Two book about twins
God Gave Us Two by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Image courtesy of

This is the perfect book for an older sibling of twins. It offers plenty of reassurance of mom and dad's love and care, even with a new arrival. It also captures the surprise and wonder of expecting twins. (2001, by Lisa Tawn Bergen)

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Twinnies book about twins
Twinnies by Eve Bunting. Image courtesy of

This colorful picture book tells the tale of a big sister of baby twin sisters. Describing both the good and the bad aspects of life with twinfants, older siblings of twins and other multiples will certainly relate to this excellent depiction of life with twinfants. (1997, by Eve Bunting)

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Twin to Twin

Twin to Twin book about twins
Twin to Twin by Margaret O'Hair. Image courtesy of

Sweet and charming illustrations accompany a rhyming text that encourages young children to chant along with the reader. This has quickly become a favorite in the genre. Parents will appreciate the humorous look at life with twins. (2003, by Margaret O'Hair)

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Just Like Me

Just Like Me book about twins
Just Like Me by Barbara J. Neasi. Image courtesy of

Written from the perspective of a twin girl, this book is the perfect pace for beginning readers. Multiples will relate to the familiar settings as the protagonist compares and contrasts her sister and herself. (2003, by Barbara J. Neasi and Johanna Hantel)

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Goodnight, I Love You

Good Night, I Love You book about twins
Good Night, I Love You by Caroline Jayne Church. Image courtesy of

A bedtime book featuring two toddlers - a girl and a boy - as they go through the steps to prepare for sleep. The charming rhymes will engage children of all ages, and the double characters will particularly enthrall twins. (2012, Caroline Jayne Church) 

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About Twins

About Twins book about twins
About Twins by Shelly Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly. Image courtesy of

Beautiful photographs of twins of all shapes and sizes adorn this straightforward book about the relationship between multiples. Simple text is balanced with quotes from twins expressing their feelings. This is an appropriate book for young children who are multiples or siblings to multiples. (1999, by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly)

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T is For Twins: An ABC Book

T is for Twins book about twins
T is for Twins: An ABC Book by Mary Bond. Image courtesy of

A book that tackles the topic of twins for babies and toddlers should actually be published in a board book that could stand up to their wear and tear. However, part of its appeal is the clever addition of a clear plastic pocket where parents can insert a picture of their own twins and include them in the book. Sharp photographs and fun rhymes highlight the A-B-C format. (2002, by Mary Bond, Ralph Homan and Margaret Viles)

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Playtime for Twins

Playtime for Twins book about twins
Playtime for Twins by Ellen Weiss. Image courtesy of

This charming board book is a perfect first book for babies. Couple it with its "twin" book-- Bathtime for Twins (Buy at -- and each twin can have their own! Sweet rhymes and adorable pictures will appeal to all readers, but the baby-friendly activities make it particularly appropriate for young readers. (2012, by Ellen Weiss)

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Twin Tales

Twin Tales book about twins
Twin Tales by Donna M. Jackson. Image courtesy of

This 2001 release from Donna M. Jackson lives up to its subtitle as it describes "the magic and mystery of multiple birth, "in pictures, text, and anecdotal sidebars appropriate for ages 10 and up. It offers an excellent explanation of some of the technical aspects of twinning and multiple birth on an age-appropriate level. (2001)

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Twin Pickle

Twin Pickle book about twins
Twin Pickle by Ann Doro. Image courtesy of

My favorite book about twin girls is apparently out-of-print, but readily available in libraries and used book outlets. Claire Mackey's charming illustrations are the star of this 1996 work by Ann Doro. It describes the antics of identical twins Ivory and Jennie, inspired by the author's granddaughters. It takes a lighthearted, enjoyable approach to the age-old dilemma of telling twins apart. (1996, by Ann Doro)

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