Christian Yoga

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Although yoga asana classes are open to people of any religion, classes aimed specifically at Christians are becoming increasingly popular in the Unites States. Some devout Christians find themselves uncomfortable with yoga's vestiges of Hinduism, including the use of Sanskrit terminology and devotional chants. Others see yoga's ability to quiet the mind as an opportunity to seek a deeper relationship with their faith and enjoy classes that foster that bond.

What to Expect

A typical Christian yoga class might begin with a meditation based on teachings from the Bible or call-and-response chanting drawn from scripture, according to Andre Daley, a pastor and Holy Yoga certified instructor in Grand Rapids, MI. "Almost all the elements that would be in a [traditional] yoga practice are found in a Holy Yoga practice," says Daley, "but the spiritual focus is Christian and the connection to God is named as a connection to Christ." Daley also uses worship music in his classes.

Where to Find Christian Yoga

Christian Yoga is most often offered at faith-based locations like churches and religious schools, but may be found at some yoga studios.

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