Christmas Activities and Fun for Kids

Fun and creative Christmas activities that will delight your grade-schooler

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The holidays mean lots of downtime for kids as they enjoy their holiday break from school. For parents, that can mean having to fill a lot of hours with entertaining activities for kids. The solution: fun Christmas activities! These fun ideas can be a great opportunity for kids to use their imaginations to create beautiful and fun projects, play some games, and even learn something. Here are some ideas for fun and festive Christmas activities for kids and families to do at holiday time.

Christmas Activities for Kids

  1. Free Christmas Coloring Pages
    If your children love to color, free Christmas coloring pages are the perfect fun activity to get them into the holiday spirit (and keep them occupied) during the holiday break from school. So grab some crayons, markers, and color pencils and give them room to work their creativity.
  2. Christmas Crafts for Kids
    Here are some great ideas for fun Christmas craft projects for kids, including beautiful paper poinsettias and an easy and super-fun tissue-paper Christmas wreath. They are as fun to share as they are to make!
  3. Christmas Games for Kids
    Have you ever played "Pass the Parcel" or "Snowball Race" or "Gift Wrap Relay?" How about "Santa Trip?" Read, "Christmas Games for Kids" for instructions on how to play these fun Christmas games with kids this year and make any gathering more fun and festive.
  4. Christmas Treats for Kids
    Make some yummy holiday treats with your kids. From Christmas cookie recipes to ideas for gluten-free or nut-free Christmas treats for kids, you'll find something delicious to make with kids to celebrate the holidays this year this list of Christmas treats for kids.
  1. Printable Christmas Games
    Christmas mazes, Christmas bingo, and other fun activities you can print out for your kids to enjoy.
  2. Christmas Printable Projects
    Some fun Christmas printables from's Family Crafts Guide.
  3. Holiday Crafts for Kids
    Ideas for fun and creative crafts you can do with your kids. Perfect for unleashing your kids’ creativity as they make lovely creations to share with friends and family.
  1. Fun, Educational Christmas Activities for Kids
    Make a Christmas skip counting book or play a Christmas version of "Thesaurus Mad Lib" -- just two of the many educational Christmas activities from that will be fun for kids.

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