20 Names for Your Christmas Baby

Newborn with Santa Hat for Christmas
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Baby names are often chosen because of a special time of year or event. Christmas is no exception to that rule. If you are expecting a baby due in December, you may consider a name that is Christmas inspired.

Some families decide that they will only use a Christmas inspired name if their baby is born on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Other families extend that to babies due around that time or born around that time.

These names are certainly not limited to babies born around the Christmas season.

You may be worried that if you choose a name that is based on Christmas, that it will signify to everyone the thought of Christmas. Some families like this, others do not. Even if your baby isn't born or due in the end of December, these are great names. The majority of the names below don't necessarily scream Christmas baby unless you make that connection by telling someone that is why the name was chosen.

There are plenty of Christmas names to go around for girls. Boys names were a bit harder to come up with, but I finally had some come up in a conversation at a prenatal class the other night. So I am sharing them here with you, should you want to name your baby with the Christmas spirit. Which of these Christmas inspired names do you like?

Baby Girl Names

  • Holly - Anglo Saxon for the ivy tree. Think about the Christmas carol: The Holly and the Ivy
  • Gloria - Latin for glory. Also the name of a famous Christmas carol.
  • Natalie (Natalia) - Latin meaning Christmas day.
  • Tasha - From Natasha/Natalie in Russian for Christmas day.
  • Mary (Merry) - Means bitter from Hebrew. Mary was the mother of Jesus.
  • Noel (Noelle) - Means Christmas in French. The First Noel is a famous Christmas Carol.
  • Joy - The emotion. Also a Christmas carol - Joy to the World
  • Angel - The heavenly being who spread the news of the birth of Jesus.
  • Carol - English for hymn or song, but often thought of as in Christmas carols.
  • Ivy - Old English for the plant. Think Christmas carol The Holly and the Ivy
  • Star - The famous star over Bethlehem to guide visitors to the manger.
  • Winter - Named after the season.

Baby Boy Names

  • Emmanuel - God is with us from the Hebrew.
  • Christopher - Hebrew for God has judged. Could be spelled with a K for the popular character Kris Kringle.
  • Noel - French for Christmas. This is typically pronounced differently that Noelle. Noe - uhl versus No - elle.
  • Christian - Latin for follower of Christ.
  • Timothy - Revering God from Greek.
  • Gabriel - The name of the angel who announced the birth of Christ.
  • Joseph - From the Hebrew - he will add. Joseph was the father of Jesus.
  • Nicholas - Greek for victorious people. Popular character - Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, which is also the name of a Christmas carol.

Other names can certainly also be used or added to this list. You may have a name that is special to you. One example a mother gave me was choosing to name her baby for a saint or feast day. This is really a personal choice.

If you are concerned about the association of Christmas, you can always choose a name for a middle name that has that meaning for you.

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