Christmas Desserts for Someone with Multiple Food Allergies

Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, and Wheat-Free Christmas Cookies and Desserts

Cookies on baking tray
Tim Macpherson/Cultura/Getty Images

If you're allergic to wheat, eggs, dairy, corn, sesame, nuts, or peanuts, the sheer amount of baking (and more importantly, sharing) that goes along with this time of year can be truly daunting.

Enjoy this collection of allergy-friendly desserts from around the world for the Christmas season.

Christmas Desserts

Here are multiple allergen-safe recipes for the season — cakes, candies and more. All recipes in this section are safe for a variety of allergies.

Christmas Cookies

Food allergies need not stop you from enjoying holiday cookies. Here are recipes from around the world. All recipes are one or more of egg-, dairy-, or wheat-free; many are multiple allergen-free.

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