Christmas Pregnancy Announcements

Wrap it up!

Pregnant woman with ultrasound and Christmas tree
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Take your latest ultrasound photo and wrap it up as a gift. You can go a step further and actually frame it in a special ultrasound frame or a regular frame. Depending on who the gift is intended for you can customize the frame to say, "I love Grandpa!" or, for whomever the gift is intended.

Another Interesting Wrapping

If you don't have an ultrasound photo to share or it's for your husband or your partner, consider wrapping your positive pregnancy test up. It's a great stocking stuffer and they're sure to get a kick out of it. If you're not sure how they will react, it might be best to give this gift privately. Most grandparents and others wouldn't be happy with the actual pregnancy test, but that's a personal decision.

Grandparent Gifts

Grandparents tend to be suckers for gifts, particularly as it relates to their grandchildren. Consider giving a gift that implies time with a new baby. This can be a book about grandparenting, a bib that says "Grandma says yes!", or some other trinket that you think that they will enjoy. There are many things available at traditional retailers, but you can also look online for custom items at places like

Sibling Wearables

If you have other children, you might consider getting them in on the fun. And sometimes letting them share the good news is best. You can either dress them up in t-shirts or with buttons that announce "I'm the big brother" or "I'm the big sister." It may take a bit for everyone to notice or comment on their clothes, but it is sure to bring a smile when they do get the announcement.

Sometimes Siblings Say it Best

If your older child is old enough to talk, a true announcement might be in order. Consider such statements as possible pregnancy announcements:

  • I'm going to be a big brother(sister).
  • Mommy's got a bun in the oven
  • Next year we'll have a baby for Christmas.
  • Santa gave us a baby.
  • Or something personalized.

Avoiding the Subject

Or should that be avoiding is the subject? You might make a big show of turning down alcohol or other food items that you shouldn't have while pregnant. You can either be coy about the reasons and wait for someone to guess or use it as a way to make the big announcement. "No thank, I'm not drinking egg nog this year, maybe next year..." Or "I'm not drinking egg nog right now..."

Make an Ornament

If you're a bit crafty you can also make an ornament announcing your new baby. It can be as simple as a baby's first Christmas ornament with next year's date or you can get handy and make one from an ultrasound or another bit of baby memorabilia. This also makes a great gift for someone else's tree.

Hang a Stocking

If your family has a tradition of Christmas stockings, consider hanging up a pink and blue baby stocking with your family stockings as a public announcement. You can also just hang a regular stocking, the number of stockings is usually a dead giveaway.

Scrap That!

One of my personal favorites is to scrapbook a calendar with family photos. You can add special family birthdays and anniversaries. However, your due date should really stand out. Try a big red circle or something similar.

When the gift is opened, ask them to look through the months to see some of your handy work. When they get to your due date, they are bound to give a hoot!

Gifts That Say Baby

Consider using family traditions. One family plays hide the pickle, which is possibly German in origin. The person who finds the pickle is said to have good luck. This year, tie a note to the pickle!

There are plenty of ways that gifts can be your announcement. Here are some presents to consider:

  • From mom to dad: baby care or pregnancy book, book on fatherhood
  • From parents to grandparents: grandparent books, bibs, coupons
  • From children to grandparents: sibling related items
  • From new baby to anyone: baby items

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