Christmas Treats and Snacks for Kids

Yummy holiday treats to make and share with family and friends

Woman making Christmas and lemon curd cookies
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Making and sharing Christmas snacks for kids is one of the many things that makes the holidays so special. And the best part is that grade-schoolers are old enough to help make tasty holiday treats.

Whether your child is a kindergartener who can help sift flour or pour pre-measured cups of sugar into a bowl or an older child who can break open eggs and help gather, measure, and mix ingredients, you will love working together to make some yummy Christmas snacks for kids for a party, or just to share with friends and family.

Enjoy these delicious classic and favorite recipes for Christmas snacks for kids and special Christmas treats. There are even recipe variations for Christmas snacks for kids who have food allergies and intolerances.

Recipes and Ideas for Christmas Snacks for Kids

Here are some great recipes for Christmas cookies and desserts you can make with your kids.

  • Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes
    Terrific recipes for traditional Christmas snacks for kids such as sugar cookies and Linzer cookies from's Guide to Baking/Desserts, Carol Pellegrinelli

  • Hanukkah, New Year's Eve and Christmas Recipes for Kids
    Fun, easy and delicious Christmas treat recipes from's Guide to Kids' Parties & Celebrations, Megan Cooley. Your kids will love the Christmas tree mini pizzas and the reindeer snacks, plus much more!

  • Delicious Christmas Treats for Kids
    Yummy recipes for classic Christmas snacks for kids such as candy cane cookies, snowball cookies and more from's Parenting Teens Guide Denise Witmer

  • Christmas Cookies and Other Treats
    Gingerbread cookies, a holiday wreath cake, eggnog pound cake, and more

  • Top 5 Christmas Treats and Snacks
    Classic treats such as snickerdoodles and fudge, which can be great Christmas snacks for kids

  • Low Fat Christmas Cookie Recipes
    Healthier versions of classic Christmas snacks for kids and the whole family such as thumbprint cookies and sugar cookies

  • Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies
    Gluten-free versions of sugar cookies and gingersnap cookies for kids or adults who need to avoid wheat in their diets

  • Nut-Free Christmas Treats Ideas
    Nut-free recipes and resources for families with kids or adults who are allergic to nuts
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