Do Sore Throat & Fatigue Mean I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

My Doctor Isn't Diagnosing It

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Question: Do a Sore Throat and Fatigue Mean I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

"I've had a sore throat, fatigue and other symptoms for a couple of months. My doctor doesn't seem to know what's wrong. I've been combing the internet, trying to figure it out for myself, and chronic fatigue syndrome really seems to fit with all of my symptoms. Could I have chronic fatigue syndrome?"


That's a tough question, even for a doctor.

It's true that sore throat, fatigue and other flu-like symptoms are part of chronic fatigue syndrome, but they're also symptoms of many other illnesses.

If you're concerned about symptoms that are lingering or potentially chronic, see your doctor (and if you've already been, go back.) He or she can check for the most common causes of these symptoms and start eliminating possibilities. Be prepared for a lot of tests.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a diagnosis of exclusion -- that is, it's diagnosed by ruling out other things first. It also can't be diagnosed until you've had symptoms for at least 6 months, so don't expect your doctor to consider this condition right away. It's frustrating to wait months for a diagnosis when you're sick, but it's necessary for a proper diagnosis.

Meanwhile, It pays to stay optimistic. Take good care of yourself to give your body the best chance of overcoming whatever is causing your symptoms.

It's possible that you will recover just fine well before the six-month mark.

Not all doctors are good at recognizing chronic fatigue syndrome. To find one who is, see Finding a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Doctor.

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