Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra Blast Pore Cleansing Pads Review

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Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra Blast Pore Cleansing Pads are over-the-counter acne treatments used to treat mild acne and blackheads. These pre-moistened pads are used after cleansing your face and before applying your treatment creams or moisturizer. Simply wipe them over the skin.

These cleansing pads are meant to be used as, or in place of, an astringent.

Active Ingredient

Salicylic acid 2%


About $6 for 90 pads

Where You Can Buy It

Clearasil products are found at most drugstores and many grocery stores. You should be able to easily find this product at your local retailers.


  • The pads are super convenient and easy to use.
  • Your skin feels refreshed after using them.
  • Cost-wise, these are a pretty good deal.


  • The pads themselves are a bit rough and abrasive.
  • They leave a slightly sticky residue on the skin.


Cleansing pads have come a long way from the days when they'd dry out the skin and burn like crazy. Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra Blast Pore Cleansing Pads are surprisingly non-drying and gentle. These are definitely not the cleansing pads of yesteryear.

They're super simple to use. Just pull one out of the container and wipe it across your face and neck.

Contrary to the name, these cleansing pads aren't meant to replace your normal cleanser or cleansing routine. You'll wash your face first with your regular cleanser, dry well, and then use these pads.

A better description might be "toning pads" or "astringent pads," because you use them as you would a toner or astringent.

The active ingredient in Clearasil Daily Clear Daily Pore Cleansing Pads is salicylic acid. This ingredient is a common one and found in lots of over-the-counter acne treatment products.

It's not the most effective acne treatment ingredient there is, but it can help exfoliate the skin, clean out pores and help control pore blockages and blackheads.

How easy these pads are to use is probably the best aspect of this product. They also remove excess oil, and the cleansing solution even tingled a bit in a good way.

You might think the clealnsing pads would be convenient for teenagers to toss into their bags to take to school, making for a quick facial cleansing wipe after gym class or sports practice. They would, except for the fact that when the container falls to the side, the solution leaks out and makes a bit of a mess. You could remove a few pads and put them in a zippered plastic baggie for on-the-go cleansing wipes, but honestly, it's a bit of a nuisance.

There are a few small issues with the pads. First, they're very rough and may be too sandpaper-like for some, especially when using them twice a day. Others, however, may find that this really helps to exfoliate the skin. It comes down to how sensitive your skin is, and how much it can handle.

The pads also might leave a slight bit of residue behind on your skin that could end up feeling a bit sticky.

Cost-wise, these are definitely budget-friendly.

If you use three pads a day, the container will still last you an entire month. Not bad for a six dollar price tag.

Just remember, that these are over-the-counter medicated pads meant to treat mild acne breakouts and blackheads only. These won't work for moderate acne breakouts or for severe acne.

Also, if you're seeing a dermatologist for your acne, make sure you talk with them before adding these into your acne treatment routine.