Review: Clearasil Daily Clear Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream

Ahh, Clearasil. Yes, it's the quintessential acne treatment.

The Daily Clear Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream is a benzoyl peroxide treatment for mild acne to moderate acne breakouts. It's a leave-on product, so you just apply the cream to a clean face and you're done.

It's not a spot treatment product, so you don't just dot it on existing pimples.  Rather, apply it almost like you would a moisturizer and apply it over the entire face.

By using it this way the medication can help treat the pimples you have, and also keep new ones from popping up. Because that's what we ultimately want, right? No more new pimples.

This Clearasil cream, when it's fresh out of the tube, is white but it dries clear and basically disappears into the skin (hence, the "vanishing.") The cream is also thick... extremely thick. Like toothpaste.

Every time I used it, I couldn't get over how sticky it felt. The stickiness did disappear after the cream dried, but I didn't particularly care for the consistency.

The good news is a little bit does go a long way. It spreads, if not easily, then far. Just a small dab is enough for half the face.

And, I know $9 isn't much, so am I cheap for thinking it's a lot for one tube? I'd go through a tube in about three weeks, just using it once a day. For a few dollars more, I could get a complete skin care kit with a cleanser, toner, and treatment lotion (something like AcneFree) and get more than just one ounce of product.

But the Clearasil Daily Clear Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream does have the highest percentage of benzoyl peroxide you can get over the counter. But a stronger cream can mean more side effects, so start off slowly with this one. 

According to package directions, it can be used one to three times per day.

  I'd recommend starting off once every other day for a few weeks, to lessen the chance of super dry, irritated skin.  When your skin can tolerate that, step up to every day use. 

All benzoyl peroxide products can bleach clothes, towels, and the like, so don't get your cream on any of these (that means no wiping the extra off your hands onto a towel!) Once it's dry, you typically don't have to worry but a white pillowcase may still be a good idea.

Clearasil Daily Clear Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream is a fair choice for your over-the-counter acne treatment routine.

As always, if you're not seeing results with this product after three months, it's time to see a dermatologist about your acne. 

Active Ingredient

Benzoyl peroxide 10%


About $9 for a 1 ounce tube

Where You Can Buy

You can buy this product at big box stores (Wal-mart, Target, etc.) and at your local drug stores too.


  • The Clearasil brand is carried nearly everywhere, so it will be easy to find this product.
  • It contains the highest percentage of benzoyl peroxide available over the counter.
  • A small dab will cover a fair amount of skin.


  • The cream is very thick and a little sticky.
  • It continues to feel sticky for a few minutes, until it's fully dry.

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