Free Clip Art for Kids' School and Craft Projects

Free clip art and graphics are handy for many types of projects with kids. We like to add kid-friendly graphics to party invitations, letters and cards, gift enclosures, and school assignments.

If you've ever tried to find free clip art and graphics on the web, you know how easy it is to get caught in a loop of pop-up ads and other strange things that make you wonder if you're surfing into dangerous territory.

I certainly don't want my children to click around alone on some of the free clip art websites. Their security and the security of my computer is too important.

We do have some favorite free clip art sites where we usually find a cute graphic for a homework or printable project; and so, we share them with you here. These sites should help you safely search for kid-friendly clipart.

Discovery School Clip Art Gallery
These images are perfect for school-age children and are organized by school subject.

DK Clip Art - Dorling Kindersley
Gorgeous images you can use for school projects of just for fun. Clip Art
Alfy has a great variety of high-quality clip art images that you can save and use in your projects.

Kids Turn Central Clip Art
Wendy Hogan's original clip art is very well done and appealing for kids. We love Wendy's seasonal bunnies and teddy bears.

The Kidz Page Clip Art for Kids
Holidays and seasons, sports, toys, and more - you'll immediately see that these colorful pages are full of cute clip art for kids.

WP Clip Art
This dad offers public domain clip art and photos that he has optimized for use in word processors and inkjet printers.

Avery Clip Art Collection
Find a variety of small graphics that are very nice looking. Cute birthday, holiday, and school graphics

Canon Digital Photo Gallery
Gorgeous high-res digital photos free for home and non-commercial use.

Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media
The best way to find what you need here is to do a search. Also, includes many photos.

Youth Online Club Clip Art Headquarters
Very cute themed clip art as well as printable projects for kids

School Clip Art for Teachers and Kids
Careful here, or you might get in the afore-mentioned loop; but, this site has lots of free clip art you can browse.

Classroom Clip Art
Not the most original site but you will find a good variety of suitable clip art.

The Teacher Files Clip Art
You might find some duplication, but this is still a good site to check.

Free Clip Art
Stick with the categories on this page to browse for clip art. You don't want to wander too far here.

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