Clothespin Caterpillar Craft

Make Some Crafty, Easy, Spring Fun with Your Preschooler

Caterpillar clothespin craft
This adorable Caterpillar Clothespin Craft is easy and fun to create, and can be changed any way your preschooler likes!. Amanda Rock

Ready for spring? A great way to welcome spring as well as teach your preschooler about the changing of the seasons is do work on crafts that celebrate them. Before, during or after your crafting time, talk about the natural transitions that occur four times a year. While it can be hard for some preschoolers to grasp this concept of time, it will be come clear as the months on the calendar tick by and your little one experiences the natural progression herself.

Caterpillars and butterflies are a great introduction to spring, because preschoolers can watch first-hand their life cycle. (Tip: for more on butterflies and caterpillars, try this fun and easy life cycle craft that uses pasta and beans.) This caterpillar craft is very simple and fun for your preschooler to do. Because the supplies are inexpensive, and generally come in large packs, your little one can make more than one, or consider doing it as part of a playgroup, or if you are the class mom, as a class activity. 

While their are basic directions to follow (see below), there are lots of fun ways to customize this caterpillar clothespin craft. For example:

  • You can change the colors of the pom poms. (This is a great way to teach your preschooler about patterns!)
  • The clothespin, fuzzy balls, and googly eyes can be any size.
  • Add a magnet to the back to make a cute refrigerator decoration.
  • Give your preschooler some pipe cleaners to add antennas to their new fuzzy friend.

It is also important to note that this craft requires using white glue, not a glue stick. It can get messy, so lay down newspaper or some type of protective cloth! If your preschooler has never used liquid white glue before, practice squeezing the bottle a little first so she gets the feel for it. Alternatively, you could pour some glue onto a paper plate and have your preschooler apply it to the caterpillar using a thin paint brush or even a cotton swab.

Some directions for this craft will call for a hot glue gun instead of glue. If you choose to use a hot glue gun, be very careful when handing it around your preschooler. Be sure that she understands that even when not in use (and after it is unplugged) that it is still hot and could cause injuries or burns.

In any case, before doing any crafts with your preschooler, it's a good idea to lay out everything you need first. Sometimes with crafts, especially those that have some drying time (like this one!), it's better to have all supplies right on hand. This will hopefully cut down on impatience and could help prevent temper tantrums

For more tips on making crafts with your preschooler, read Making Arts and Crafts with Your Preschooler.

What you'll need:

  • Pom-poms in a variety of colors
  • Clothespins
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue (or hot glue gun and glue sticks)
  • Adhesive magnets (optional)

Get crafting!

  1. If you choose to make this craft a magnet, you'll need to do that step first. Cut the magnet to the length you want, then glue it to the back of the clothespin. Let dry.
  2. Put a line of glue on the clothespin. Quickly add the pom-poms. Let dry.
  3. Glue googly eyes on to the first pom-pom (the one away from where you open the clothespin). Let dry.
  4. Hang on the refrigerator or place in a spot where everyone can see! Happy spring!

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