Check Your Cold and Flu Symptoms

Why Are You Sick and What Can You Do About It?

Cold and flu symptoms leave most of us feeling miserable. When a runny nose and cough start bothering you, what do you do? Our guide can help you figure out what is causing and what to do about your cold and flu symptoms.


Fever is one cold and flu symptom that often concerns people the most. Many people believe that a fever is an illness in itself and that it is dangerous. Find out the truth about this very common - and misunderstood - symptom and what you can do about it.



I hate coughing. It makes my throat hurt and is annoying to both me and the people around me. But it's one of those common cold and flu symptoms that we just can't avoid. Sometimes a cough is more than just an annoyance though. Find out what to look for when you have a cough and what you need to do about it.



A stuffy nose makes it hard to breathe day and night. It typically lasts longer than most of the other cold and flu symptoms. So what can you do about that bothersome congestion?



Itching is more common with allergies than with a cold or the flu, but it can occur with all of them. Find out what you can do about that itching and what might be causing it.



Sore throats can be caused by colds, the flu and many other common illnesses. They are painful and irritating. Find out more about your sore throat, from when you should be worried about it to what you can do to relieve it.



Although vomiting is not a common symptom of a cold or influenza (the flu), it does happen to some people when they get the flu, especially children. If you or a loved one is vomiting, find out what you can do about it and when you need to seek medical attention.