Do You Hate the Treadmill But the Weather is Bad Outside?

How to Get Moving Indoors or Outdoors Despite the Weather

Hating the Treadmill
Hating the Treadmill. Juhász Péter/E+/Getty Images

The weather outside is too cold, too hot or too wet to go for a walk. You gaze at that big clothes hanger and remember it is actually a treadmill. They have more of them at the gym where you've been paying for a membership you never use. But you hate the treadmill.

Inactivity is not an option. Treadmill boredom won't kill you, while sitting still might just do that. You probably won't melt in the rain, and with the right gear you won't get frostbite or heat stroke.

How do you bust this excuse and get yourself moving?

Get Moving On the Treadmill

  • Work on Your Walking Form on the Treadmill. We all need regular refreshers on good walking posture, a powerful stride and the right arm motion. Using a treadmill for a short workout is the perfect way to concentrate on your form and improve it. That will give a short treadmill workout a purpose.
  • Eliminate Treadmill Walking Mistakes. Maybe part of your treadmill dread is that you weren't using it right. Are you committing one of the 10 treadmill mistakes to avoid? Improve your treadmill workout, then go to the gym and spot how other people are doing it all wrong.
  • Treadmill Boredom Busters. Regular treadmill users find ways to keep their minds distracted while their bodies are getting a workout.
  • Try a Different Indoor Cardio Routine. If you still really, really, really hate the treadmill, try an exercise bike, elliptical trainer, stair climber, rowing machine, skiing machine or swimming in an indoor pool. Try Zumba or other cardio dance or circuit workouts. While these won't exercise the same muscles as walking or running, they will give you all the benefits of cardio exercise.

    Get Moving by Walking Indoors

    • Walk Inside Your Own House/Apartment. A treadmill isn't the only way to walk indoors. Even in your own living area you can walk around and around and around. It's hard to say why you'd like that better than the treadmill, but you could do it. Many walkers enjoy indoor walking videos to march in place.
    • Malls, Campuses, Public Buildings: Shopping malls are often open early for mall walkers, and they don't mind if you want to enjoy a brisk walk or a slower saunter. If there isn't a mall available, you may find long public corridors to traverse at a college campus, medical center or government building complex.
    • Indoor Tracks. A local recreation center or gym may have an indoor walking/running track. These tracks will have a better surface compared to the concrete you'll find at malls. If you need stay in walking shape for a half marathon or marathon, an indoor track is best for long mileage workouts

    Walking Outside Despite the Bad Weather

    Stop being a weather weenie! There's no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing and gear. Don't risk your life trying to walk in a hurricane, on a solid sheet of ice or in the high heat of the noonday sun. But for most other situations, you can gear up and get moving.

    Give It 15 Minutes: I bet you can survive for 15 minutes of walking, and that's a great start on an active day. Go out later for another 15 minutes. Now you've achieved the minimum recommended physical activity for the day.

    Another 15 minutes and you've probably logged close to 10,000 steps for the day.

    More Walking Excuses - Busted! If you've overcome this one, you still might find others. Here's how to tackle the reasons you keep finding to not exercise.

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