Color Psychology - Green

Color Psychology - Green.

Green, which is Nature's colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving. - Paul Brunton

How does the color green make you feel? For many people, it immediately brings to mind the lush green of grass, trees, and forests. Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color.

The Color Psychology of Green

  • Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world.
  • Green also represents tranquility, good luck, health, and jealousy.
  • Researchers have also found that green can improve reading ability. Some students may find that laying a transparent sheet of green paper over reading material increases reading speed and comprehension.
  • Green has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th-century. Even today, green M & M's (an American chocolate candy) are said to send a sexual message.
  • Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect. For example, guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in a “green room” to relax.
  • Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal. Those who have a green work environment experience fewer stomachaches.
  • Consider how green is used in language: green thumb, green with envy, greenhorn.

How does green make you feel? Do you associate green with certain qualities or situations?

Learn more about what other people have to say about the color green in some of the following responses readers have shared with us over the years.

Green Is Calming

"I read somewhere that green is a calming color, or a color that helps concentration or something. I'm pretty sure that it's right, but I can't find anything solid on it yet.

I really like the color green and i"m going to paint my room in a subtle green because I like to be as calm as it makes me." - Ivy

Green Is Exciting

"Green gives me a rush. I buy everything in green, and like pictures with a lot of green in them. I like characters with green hair, eyes, clothes automatically. It gives me an endorphin rush, I think." - Jane

Green Is the Color of Compassion

"When I see someone is wearing the color green, I feel she is kind, helpful, caring and sympathetic. It is a color that just radiates compassion." - Yeganeh

Green Is Natural

"Green to me is a symbol of growth of nature. When I notice the color green it gives off a calming and peaceful feeling." - Brenden

Green Is Optimistic

"Hopeful, optimistic, forgiven, energized, restful, royal, elegant, rich, healthy, playful, respected, responsible, wealthy, cautious, peaceful, warm, stable, tall, clean, stable, comforted, sturdy, strong, and compassionate. This is my favorite color, all shades and hues." - Joe

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