Come Back Strong

A Movement for Stroke Survivors

Come Back Strong is an exciting way for stroke survivors and their loved ones to be a part of a larger community of recovering stroke survivors and to celebrate the hard-earned victory of overcoming stroke while raising stroke awareness. Started by National Stroke Association, Come Back Strong is a movement about surviving, thriving, and sharing in your journey after a stroke.

Why is Come Back Strong Important?

Healing after a stroke is not an easy process.

Stroke survivors need to work hard on the path to recovery. But, despite the hurdles, there is hope after a stroke. Come Back Strong is about strong survivors recovering together, sharing your story, receiving hope from other stroke survivors and also providing strength through the stories of your common struggles and triumphs.

No matter how you approach your stroke recovery - whether you are one who quietly and calmly copes with your rehabilitation or whether you thrive in social settings or whether you are drawn to taking purposeful action - you can be a valuable part of Come Back Strong in your own way.

Getting Involved with Come Back Strong

  • You can browse through the videos and stories of stroke survivors, some who have stories that are similar to yours and some who have stories that are completely different than yours. Simply sitting back and watching what other survivors have to say can provide you with a sense of comfort and inspiration as you look towards a better tomorrow after your stroke.
  • Find a Come Back Trail or join a Come Back Trail by searching for Come Back Strong events in your neighborhood. Come Back Trail is an active way to get involved in Come Back strong. Come Back Trail means you can walk, either by yourself, with a loved one or with other stroke survivors in your neighborhood with the goal of raising stroke awareness and appreciating how far you have come throughout your path.
  • If you don’t already have a Come Back Trail happening nearby and you want to get out and walk to celebrate the victory of overcoming stroke and to raise stroke awareness, you can start your own Come Back Trail. You can start a Come Back Trail walk whether you get around using a wheelchair, whether you walk with the assistance of a walker or whether you are a competitive runner. Come Back Trail is a completely free event.
  • If you want to inspire others with your own story, you can share your Come Back Strong story or photos by posting on social media using the #comebackstrong hashtag. What if you aren’t sure if your story is really a Come Back Strong story? It is because every stroke survivor has a unique and inspiring Come Back Strong story!
  • Wear a Come Back Strong bracelet. Come Back Strong bracelets are available on National Stroke Association’s website. Wearing a bracelet is one of the ways you can remember and show others your pride in how you have Come Back Strong after a stroke.

The future

Who knows where the new Come Back Strong movement will lead? Get started by posting your photos using #comebackstrong to see how big the Come Back Strong movement will grow. Or plan a Come Back Trail event to celebrate yourself and your fellow stroke survivors, because you are all heroes who have fought back hard, overcoming uncertainty and illness to get to where you are now.

You can learn more about National Stroke Association and other ways you can get involved.

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