Skiing and Snowboarding Injuries

Staying Safe on the Slopes

Whether you like to ski or snowboard (or one of the dozens of other types of gravity-related snow transport devices) there's always a chance of injury. Overall, less than 4 injuries happen for every 1,000 days of skiing or snowboarding, which isn't bad. Of course, some of those injuries are pretty major -- and some are even life-threatening.

Knee Sprains

(c) Matt Gibson

Twisting and turning on big sticks strapped to your feet has a way of putting a bit of strain on anyone's knees. Knees are only supposed to bend in one direction, and only go a certain distance at that.

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Broken Wrists

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Of course, if you strap both legs to the same board and fall over, the natural tendency is to put a hand down.

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Broken Legs

(c) Peter Dutton

Whether you like two sticks or one, the things are strapped to your legs. Bones can only handle so much.

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Facial Injuries

(c) Peter Dutton

Believe it or not, most facial injuries in skiing are from getting smacked by the T-bar. Whether it's a nosebleed or a cut, it's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye.

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Shoulder Dislocations

(c) Neil Rickards

Supposedly, each time you do this it gets easier. I wouldn't want to try.

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Ankle Sprains

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Get bindings that let go. Ankle sprains don't help you get the most of that season ticket.

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Spinal Injuries

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Spinal injuries are very rare on the slopes, but still account for 4-10% of all fatalities.

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(c) Mark Goble
Not considered specifically a skier's injury, but there's nothing like a bunch of white snow to reflect sunshine all over your face.

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(c) betty x1138

Gonna get lost out of bounds? Stay warm.

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Head Injuries

(c) sookie

Kids clobber their noggins more than any other group, and probably would benefit from wearing helmets. Powder is soft, but trees aren't too forgiving.

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