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Active Listening

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An important skill for parents to master is "active listening". When parents listen actively, they send children the message that they are important enough to have the parent's undivided attention. Many problems can be solved and even prevented when parents take the time to use active listening. Importantly, when a parent is an active listener, she is able to guide children to solve problems for themselves.

Here are steps to master this listening skill:

  • Stop what you are doing.
  • Look at your child.
  • Give your full attention.
  • Listen to what is said.
  • Comment on what you think you heard.

    If your teen agrees that what you heard is what they said and they have asked for an answer, give one. If no question has been asked, comment that you understand. If you did not understand what was said, ask your teen to clarify what they are trying to tell you and repeat the last two steps until you do.

    Use Door Openers, not Door Slammers.

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