Condom Catheters

Nurrsing Care for Men with a Condom Catheter

How to put on a Condom catheter
A urinary incontinence device for men

There are a number of external devices that can be used for people unable to control their bladders. In Alzheimer's disease incontinence often becomes a major source of stress for the person with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. In this article I look at the condom catheter for men.

The condom catheter is one of the most simple devices to put on and can give the incontinent males greater confidence and comfort for this embarrassing condition.

Description of the condom catheter
The condom catheter is a condom like device that is placed over the penis. An drainage tube is attached to the condom that allows the urine to pass into a urinary storage bag. The bag's contents can be emptied into the toilet.

Putting on a condom catheter
Always tell the 'patient' what you are going to do. This is especially important if they are confused. You only have to imagine someone suddenly starting this sort of procedure and how it would affect you if you did not understand what was happening.

Once the person is reassured;

  • The penis should be gently washed and dried. Make sure the penis is dry before you put on the condom catheter.
  • Trim any pubic hair that a) may cause discomfort if it got caught in the condom or (b) may prevent the condom being fitted securely.
    The condom catheter should fit snugly without being too tight.

    How often should you change a condom catheter?
    Condom catheters should be changed every day or at least every other day.

    Hygiene and caregiver tips
    Always clean the penis before applying a condom catheter and after taking it off. Make sure the skin does not show any signs of damage such as sores or cuts. Sometimes the adhesive that secures the urinary condom device into place around the base of the penis can cause irritation. If the skin shows signs of skin breakdown the device should not be reapplied until the skin heals properly.

    Remember, urine is an irritant to the skin and regular cleaning of any leakage is very important. Barrier creams should not be used on or near the penis as this may cause the urinary condom to slip off or leak.

    Condom catheters are a useful and simple device for the control and treatment of urinary incontinence in males.


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